Monday, September 10, 2007

My new goals

Goal # 1 Clean Home Office: It’s the room that contains everything I don’t know where to put in the rest of the house.

Goal # 2 Budget. I’m tired of being broke. I bought financial software and began by uploading the information. I have to finish categorizing all the expenses & see exactly where everything is going. Been sick this past weekend & when the kids went to sleep so did I.

Goal # 3 The yard. After the drought anything that’s still alive is weeds and taking over. Bought heavy duty garden gloves on clearance; one Saturday in the near future I will be outside at the crack of dawn.

Goal # 4 Master’s Degree or not? When I started college a few years ago I majored in psychology and had hopes of becoming a therapist. About a year before graduation I discovered I needed a PHD in order to be one. The only thing I could do w/ a Bachelors was case work. Fast forward a few years and a husband and two kids later & working in something I never thought I’d be doing. The depressing thing is no one around me has been to college & I feel like my degree isn’t doing me any good. If I didn’t have one I could still be doing this job. Not exactly what you want after going through school. Now I’ve discovered an online school that has an accredited Masters for what I want. But with 2 small children it’s not only a considerable money investment it’s time. Time is a huge commodity for me right now. One class is about a ten hour a week commitment. And twice I will need to be gone for six days. Maybe in a year or two. In two my oldest will be in kindergarten & the baby will be two. I don’t know.

WC started baseball on Saturday. He’s a riot. He has a new glove, shirt & hat. He had to wear the shirt and hat to a birthday party afterwards. Sunday, he wore the hat w/ his pajamas in the morning; wanted to wear the shirt again but I told him it needed washing. I missed his practice but Jay said he did really well. He was supposed to be learning to field the ball but he was turning in a circle and fell in the dirt. We may or may not have a professional ball player on our hands!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1906-1945

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nothing is certain but death, taxes & laundry…

Say’s the Baby Blues comic strip taped to the front of my refrigerator. Never before has a comic strip mirrored my life so perfectly that it’s almost eerie. It’s like the creator has been sitting in my living room watching. And this particular strip really hits home you see CJ hasn’t met a “leak proof core” he can’t conquer. In less than two hours he can soak through a diaper, his outfit and a blanket; makes for a real cranky three a.m. Initially I was buying the cheap Wal-Mart diapers and they might as well have been made of crepe paper then Luvs; Pampers; and now Huggies. Pampers last all nigh half the time; Huggies have lasted two nights. In all fairness the Huggies have not been put to the ultimate test. He only had 2 ounces of bottle one night and 1 ounce last night. If he has 8 then that’s the ultimate test. He’s about 2-3 lbs away from the smallest overnight diapers I can find. I’m going to try them anyway.
You know those infomercials where the guy has the really absorbent shammy that he puts in a big tub of water & it soaks it all up? I’m thinking of purchasing one and fashioning a cloth diaper for him; maybe just maybe it’ll hold. It’s a 24/7 job to keep this child dry. My laundry has skyrocketed; I just can’t do this much laundry. It’s ridiculous to go through 5-6 outfits and 2-3 blankets a day! I can wash on Wed & by Friday he is out of blankets. I was the rest of the laundry on Sat and can make it until the nest Sat before I need to again, but not with CJ. And if it’s not a soaked diaper it’s his reflux, if it’s not coming out of one end it’s another. His nickname is now “super soaker.” Ugh!

I’m late, late, late…
Luckily CJ’s diaper didn’t leak last night; he slept all the way til 5:50 a.m. which means I did too. My goal is to have him fed by 6 am so I can get ready for work. With feeding starting at 5:55 that would be impossible. Jay was already dressed when I awoke. And asked him (ok barked at him) why he didn’t wake me up. He “thought” I was. Yeah. So I fed CJ as quickly as possible but didn’t have time to make sure he burped thoroughly or stayed upright long enough to help keep everything down. When I finally pulled into moms drive; stared into the car seat he was coated in spit-up. Yuck. At least I didn’t have to deal with it. I left my breakfast at home, so I had to stop off at McD’s, which I never do…and now I feel fatter. I’m not a fan of fast food but had to make due.

Fantasy Football Scandal 2007
That’s right; the season doesn’t officially start til Thursday & already there is controversy. Jay has played this for 8 years now & this year he decided he wanted to do his own league with just family & a few friends. Now his brothers, their wives, his parents, a few friends and I now are in this. I don’t really care about it, but the other wives are doing this. Anyway, draft was Sunday and by Monday the big trade controversy happened when my SIL’s boss offered her a trade of 3 of his best players for 3 of her mediocre one’s. Now Jay says the only reason anyone would make such a stupid trade is cheating. If the trade went through then my SIL’s team would be almost unbeatable. She accepted the trade but then it went to vote and of course is shot down. Her husband says it was all a joke but I don’t think Jay buys it. And I just flat out don’t understand it. In the entire scheme of life, if you win or lose at a game does it really matter? No. It’s a free league; no money involved. The only thing winning gets you are bragging rights for a little while. I don’t understand why someone would want to cheat at this, if they in fact were. I mean it would be pathetic to cheat at a game whose outcome is pretty much meaningless in real life. It was something he wanted to do for fun; thought involving family would be fun. And if it isn’t fun then what’s the point. Like I told him last night, if her team is stomping everyone, then what’s to point of playing if you know you won’t win. I don’t really care if I win or lose; it’s not important but I don’t want to go into every game knowing that no one can beat one team. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long season with this suspicion over this will taint everything she and her boss do.

Operation Healthy eating for WC.
It was a mixed result weekend. Saturday he attended a birthday party and we might as well hang up any attempt at healthy there. Hot dog, cheese puffs, cake, ice cream & sugar drink pouch; he was in heaven. Sunday he had macaroni and cheese for lunch that I made with whole wheat pasta. That evening he kept asking for macaroni and cheese for dinner. No, I’m cooking dinner, I told him multiple times. “I don’t like it,” I heard back multiple times. Made him sit at the table; put plate in front of him; boneless, skinless chicken breast, boiled potatoes and green beans. As we sat there he stared at his plate; after a min picked up the chicken & what-do-you-know he liked it! He ate it but refused to try anything else on his plate. Small victory. He had some peeled & cut up apple slices for desert. He was with Grandparents all day Monday & ate pizza. He’s not with them enough to impose my dietary requirements; I let them have fun.

Join me next time when I think I have it all figured out; suddenly realize I don’t.