Monday, September 10, 2007

My new goals

Goal # 1 Clean Home Office: It’s the room that contains everything I don’t know where to put in the rest of the house.

Goal # 2 Budget. I’m tired of being broke. I bought financial software and began by uploading the information. I have to finish categorizing all the expenses & see exactly where everything is going. Been sick this past weekend & when the kids went to sleep so did I.

Goal # 3 The yard. After the drought anything that’s still alive is weeds and taking over. Bought heavy duty garden gloves on clearance; one Saturday in the near future I will be outside at the crack of dawn.

Goal # 4 Master’s Degree or not? When I started college a few years ago I majored in psychology and had hopes of becoming a therapist. About a year before graduation I discovered I needed a PHD in order to be one. The only thing I could do w/ a Bachelors was case work. Fast forward a few years and a husband and two kids later & working in something I never thought I’d be doing. The depressing thing is no one around me has been to college & I feel like my degree isn’t doing me any good. If I didn’t have one I could still be doing this job. Not exactly what you want after going through school. Now I’ve discovered an online school that has an accredited Masters for what I want. But with 2 small children it’s not only a considerable money investment it’s time. Time is a huge commodity for me right now. One class is about a ten hour a week commitment. And twice I will need to be gone for six days. Maybe in a year or two. In two my oldest will be in kindergarten & the baby will be two. I don’t know.

WC started baseball on Saturday. He’s a riot. He has a new glove, shirt & hat. He had to wear the shirt and hat to a birthday party afterwards. Sunday, he wore the hat w/ his pajamas in the morning; wanted to wear the shirt again but I told him it needed washing. I missed his practice but Jay said he did really well. He was supposed to be learning to field the ball but he was turning in a circle and fell in the dirt. We may or may not have a professional ball player on our hands!

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