Sunday, April 26, 2009

March of Dimes: Walk for Babies

Yesterday I was privileged to attend the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. The issue of premature birth is something near and dear to my heart. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with two beautiful, full term babies. And believe that everyone who wants children should be able to have them. All children deserve a healthy start. I pray with the work of The March of Dimes that one day all babies will be full term and healthy.
My dear friend, Michele, who has struggled for years with infertility and then loss of her beautiful children were my inspiration for attending. Through witnessing her and her husbands devastating losses I have come to understand the importance an organization like the March of Dimes.

WC went along with me to the soccer field of the local university. At the walk they passed out different colored bandanna's, each color with its own meaning. I chose to wear a white bandanna- which signified that I was walking in the memory/honor of a child who had been lost to premature birth. They had these lovely bright/sparkle "flowers" on which you write the name of child(ren) and plant in the children's garden. I chose a yellow flower and on the leaves wrote: Nick, Sophie & Alex's names and dates of birth. The photo is posted above- the yellow flower on the far right.
Now it all wasn't serious, WC had a good time on the giant inflatable slide, blew bubbles and made silly putty (which just turned into a rubbery blob that was neither silly or putty). I had him fingerprinted by the local police department. I'm proud to say he came up clean. He passed on the face painting but opted for a laser gun made out of a balloon. The walk started and he bounced down the street shooting bad guys with his laser gun. But then he began to complain about how much further we had to go. I told him that when we were done I'd buy him a milkshake and that pacified him for a time. Then he started to complain again and told me he also wanted a happy meal (upping his demands for cooperation). I never take him to McD's. He's gone with my mom a couple times. And I don't usually bribe him for his cooperation but I made an exception. Fine, we'll get a happy meal and a shake. But a little farther down I notice how red his face is. And neither of us can be accused of having a lot of skin pigment and the whole afternoon has been in the midday sun on a soccer field. At this point we were bringing up the end of the line anyway, so I pulled him out of line and we crossed the street back onto campus and sat at a picnic table under a shade tree until he looked better. We leisurely walked back to the car in the shade of the campus where I'd gone to college. A bit of nostalgia for me along with that I had contributed to a good cause and had a nice time with my son.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WC...A Model?

Since WC was a baby, various people have told me that he should be a model. Now I've always taken this comment with a grain of salt. Of course I think he's gorgeous- I'm his mother. All mothers think their child(ren) are greatest things since the advent of the washing machine and scotch guard. A friend of mine sent me some photos of her son the other day that were really good. When I inquired if her husband took them- he takes most of the kids pics. She told me they were taken by a photographer from L.A. They had done a photo shoot with him in hopes to find him an agent and start modeling. So that got the wheels in my head spinning and did some research on child modelling, the how-to's and the scams. There seem to be a whole ton of scams out there set on taking advantage of parents who desperately want stardom for their child. Having previously been on maternity leave & not a whole of stuff on daytime tv, I've seem my share of E True Hollywood Stories. And personally the stories of child stars don't sound all that appealing to me. And very few end up being successful adult stars. Now my goal as a parent is to prepare my child for adulthood. Hopefully, to set him on a path to have a fairly happy & "successful" life. And I put "success" in quotes because for me it doesn't necessarily mean banking a million to be successful. It means different things to different folks and I want him to set and attain in goals in whatever makes him happy. And he does enjoy dressing up, posing and taking photos. So maybe he would like to try modeling. So I google for local modelling agencies-we live outside the metro city but it's an half an hour drive in that I already do everyday. I do some more online research of the few agencies that pop up. I also learn that, when dealing with children, these agencies don't need professional pics. Since children change so quickly a pic can be outdated in a mere month or two- so why spend the dough? One local agency accepts online submissions of two uploaded photos (one head shot and one full body). So I plug in WC's info and upload a couple photos and off they go. Jay makes some sort of comment along the lines of we don't have him playing sports, yet we're looking at putting him in modelling. Next thing he knows I'm going to tell him that WC's been signed up for ballet. I tell Jay not to be silly WC doesn't have the coordination for ballet.
I figured it would take a while to get a response back-if ever. But from the time stamp on the email it came back maybe a half an hour after I submitted the info. They think WC has potential and would like to schedule an interview 1) to explain to me what they do and what the local market it for models/actors. and 2.) to look over WC and evaluate him. They do new talent interviews on Tuesdays from 3-6. What time would be good for me.
Now my immediate reaction is that they responded too quickly. Does this mean that they send this auto email out to everyone who submits online? My skeptic meter flies through the roof. But I have responded back that 3 would be good for me, if open. We might as well go and see. I've researched enough that I think I can spot a scam. I know that if they ask me for any money up front then to walk away. According to research, and it makes sense, that if we sign with the agency then they book WC for a job and get paid approx 20% of whatever WC earns from the gig. If they don't book him jobs then they don't get paid. Simple as that. I don't need to use any pre-selected photographers or purchase any expensive packages, modeling coaches or stylists. Which I wouldn't anyway. If he ends up seriously doing it he will prob need a head shot or "comp sheets," a card of several photos. So we'll go & see. In the end it's up to him if he wants to go have his pics taken.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures at the Social Security Office

Several years ago, a certain man, lost WC’s social security card but since we had the number I had not replaced it. However, I recently discovered we would need the document in order to register WC for kindergarten this fall. On Friday after the photography session I left the boys at home with mom and ventured to my local social security administration office. I had obsessed for days over the documents required to prove who he is. A birth certificate is not accepted yet a shot, daycare or baptism record is. Seriously, a baptism record, I used to write those things when I was receptionist of a church when I was like 20-not difficult to come by. And that is considered identification over birth certificate? The shot record the doctor gave me for kindergarten only had his name- nothing else. So I asked his preschool provider for his enrollment record from there. One catch- it has to be the original no photocopies accepted! And she couldn’t remove the original from the folder. Of course. But she was kind enough to re-write me an enrollment record. Off I go original documents in hand.
The air inside the social security office was stagnant and it smelled of body odor. The waiting area filled with the stereotypical who’s who of the carnie sideshow circuit and folks who can recall when Methuselah was an infant. An elderly gentleman with enormous glasses who still stared at everyone through a magnifying glass he held out in front of him scared the Dejesus out of a young (19-20) year old girl who came in by inquiring (in a volume with which you speak to friends during a rock concert) what number she pulled. She stared at him wide eyed & appeared afraid he would try to take it from her if it was better than his. His wife sat next to him engrossed in a large print copy of Readers Digest and seemed resigned to just ignore the man she’d married to for the past 6,000 years while he screamed at everyone to sign in at the computer. I settled into my seat and absorbed myself in a riveting game of Tetris on my cell phone. I’d probably been playing about twenty minutes when a woman came through the door from the back and screamed at me “Put that cell phone away. You cannot have that in here.” The phrase that was on the back of my tongue instantly was, “B%#$# don’t yell at me.” But something inside me said, be quiet this might be the person you have to deal with when you go back. So I hit the end button on my game and slid my phone into my purse without a word. I didn’t even look at her.
Luckily, it didn’t take long for another form of entertainment to appear in the form of a pissed off man. In this office there were two windows open with people helping and then an area of cubicles behind a door. I’m not sure if each is assigned to a certain issue or what. But this man was reaming the girl behind the window out. And in doing so, telling everyone in the waiting area his business. I know which of his relatives have congestive heart failure and that he was in Nevada last week, he has started businesses of his own before, etc. I also know that he was told over the phone by one person his check was mailed out, another told him it would be an electronic deposit and he hadn’t received any money at all and wanted to know where it was. The whole time telling her that it wasn’t personally against her yet he’s screaming at her. I honestly think I’d take a job shoveling animal dung before I’d go to the ss office and deal with this. So angry guy trudges on over to the waiting area because he’s waiting on someone new to yell at and a woman in the waiting area tells him to settle down. Now, I don’t believe they knew each other. And he retorts back to her, “excuse me…you don’t know nothing.” At this point everyone in the waiting area is staring at their own shoes. Angry man drinks from the water fountain & for some reason goes and sits down next to the woman. She leans towards him, touches his arm (I’m flabbergasted at this point) and begins a story, “Now, when my daddy died…” her voice dropped to where I couldn’t hear. But angry man just sits, listening and nods occasionally.
Finally, my number is called. The angels sing the hallelujah chorus and I get up- sure enough it’s the woman who yelled at me. We exchange pleasantries while walking back to her desk. I explain that I need to replace my sons lost ss card to enroll him for kindergarten. She takes my already filled out forms, notes I have the green shot record- then doesn’t even look at it, doesn’t look at the daycare record. She takes my licensed, types into her computer a little while, has me sign a form, then hands me my receipt and says the card will arrive in about 10 business days! I take my receipt and get out of dodge. Now, if I hadn’t obsessed over the documentation then I would have had issues. I’m also grateful for holding my tongue. I doubt the process would have been that easy. Now we’ll just see if the card does arrive in ten days. Pre-Registration for kindergarten is May 11-15th.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Photo Session

Why am I surprised when things go better than expected? I dont consider myself a pessimist? Yet when I made the appointment for the boys to have spring thoughts were along the lines of: I'll just dress them in their Easter outfits and see what happens. I had no expectations- really. It was a difficult decision to even go somewhere for portraits- I usually take all their photos. But my limited amount of backgrounds didnt leave me with anything that I wanted. And I havent been able to photograph CJ decently since he discovered the preview screen on the back of the camera. Now he's running to look at it before I've even snapped the photo.
Yesterday evening I picked up WC and let him in on the plans for the next morning. Unfortunately he was game for photos' (as usual) but he didnt want CJ to go along because he would cry. We had a really bad experience with Christmas photo's that I tried to do on location at Cheekwood. It didnt go well. I explained to him that I wouldnt be the photographer in this case- I was paying someone else (much to my hesitation). WC wasnt optimistic either.
This morning I started him off with his favorite breakfast of pop tarts. I added in a dose of two allergy meds and some ibuprofen for those molars. We dressed and made it out of the house with out the pacifier (I had one in my pocket just in case).
I had made the earliest appointment possible- 9 am & we were the first customers through the door. The rooms still silent, which is ideal for CJ. So he wandered around the studio for a few minutes while the photographer and WC talked. Initially she tried to sit CJ next to WC on the wall and he was very hesitant- didnt want to leave my side. I hugged him and assured him that mommy wasnt going anywhere. When she quit trying to get him in a location and just decided to get some shots of WC by himself...then there wandered CJ in and climbed up on the wall. Being a good photographer she went with it and began snapping away. That's important, especially when photographing kids- the ability to just go with it. At one point she tried using a ball to entice CJ to smile and play. She believed that she could get him to throw the ball to her. But that's not him. He held onto that thing and the ball made it into a few shots as well. Overall, it was a positive experience. The photographer was extremely patient but fast and took 73 shots in less than probably a 30-40 min session. I had difficulty narrowing down what to purchase. Ended up with way too many pics! And a cd of all the shots. It will be a while before I have another photographer take their pics again. But for today, I'm glad that I did.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missing: My Mind

“Of all the things that I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” Is a quote, to my surprise, that is attributed to Mark Twain. Seems like something a mom would say. It’s fitting of my life this week. I don’t know if it’s the added pressure of the extra care needed by Rhi- the diabetic cat who still won’t crap in her box. Or perhaps the whining demands of CJ. This week I haven’t even been able to make dinner without his forehead plastered to my thigh while I stand at the stove or he migrates in between me and stove/counter with the top of his shoved in my crotch like he’s trying to climb back up. During dinner, he’s in my lap. I know he has one, if not two, two year molars coming in and seasonal allergy issues. WC is completely irritated with him and snaps at him for whining then gets angry when CJ isn’t doing as he commands. Last night they were arguing over markers. CJ had one that he shouldn’t have, WC got out of his chair to tell on him and CJ climbed into his chair. Jay put on his referee hat and attempted to control the situation. It fell apart when Jay told WC to do something and instead he felt the need to still pull the marker from CJ’s clutches. He was surprised to find himself in trouble for not doing what he was told to do instead of policing his baby brother. He sat in the floor and sobbed his eyes out. I attempted to explain to him that once daddy or I were on the scene it wasn’t his job to correct CJ- we would handle it. He needed to do as he was told. I know I’ve had this conversation with him before. And I must be completely off my rocker to attempt to take them for photographs tomorrow.
Yesterday, I took the nebulizer and other medications to moms for CJ. He’d started a cough the night before- not bad- but just a precaution to have the stuff handy. Mom called me after I’d gotten to work and informed me that I neglected to pack the medication cup and paci attachment- things needed in order to deliver the medication to the child, thereby rendering the nebulizer and vials of meds useless. Nice. Luckily, he didn’t need it. On the way home last night I received a message from mom that I’d left his sweater, hat, pain medication (for the molars) and Benadryl at her house. This morning I got out of the car & told her that I’d forgotten the baby today- just kidding of course.
If you see my brain lying around somewhere please pick it up and notify me where I may retrieve it.
One month from today, CJ will turn two. I just can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I now need to plan his birthday party-nothing big and fancy- Just some family at our house. But that’s stressful too. There’s so much to do…I don’t know how I’m going to do it.
A common practice of both my children is to call the inanimate objects they are “looking” for. For example if CJ is looking for his sippy cup ( a very common one) he wanders around calling out, “Cup…Cup…Cup” WC- who is well aware that inanimate objects do not respond will also employ this technique to find specific toys he is interested in. However, I suspect the object is to drive me insane to the point that I will quit what I am doing and locate the toy for him. The other night CJ is calling for his cup and I begin to wander around calling out, “sanity…sanity…sanity.” Jay comes in and looks at me puzzled. I shrug my shoulders and tell him. “Like everything else in this house, my sanity doesn’t come when called, either.”

* Special note: thinking about Sophia, born into heaven 14 months ago today. It doesnt seem like it should be that long ago. I'm sorry that I dont get to see the photos of your milestones. I bet you'd be putting those plastic Easter Eggs in your mouth and slobbering.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: The Aftermath

Most parents of small children, in particular, know that a holiday weekend is anything but a relaxing time. Relatives near and far vie for a time slot in the already over scheduled two days. The kids nap and meal schedule flies out the window as they are filled with sugar and a new collection of cheap toys from relatives and doting grandparents. Unfortunately someone, somewhere has to be disappointed. “I’m sorry but I’m already scheduled for one brunch, two church services, three lunches and nervous breakdown on Easter.”
Our whirlwind Holy Holiday started on Saturday with the church egg hunt. It had turned cold the day before when severe weather brought in a front. So there we were- in jackets- me still freezing standing outside the front of the church waiting for instructions. Children becoming more like an unruly mob by the minute. A group of girls behind me plotting their egg hunt strategy and declaring the superiority of girls. The kids were separated by age group. So I had each kid in a different place. I started on the playground with CJ’s age group. It was his first hunt- that he participated in. He watched from the safety of his stroller last year. This year he was gung-ho to go hunt eggs. He didn’t know what was up at first. But he loves those plastic eggs & his age group they were merely strewn about the ground. So it’s more like egg collecting then hunting. But then again, if toddlers were expected to hunt for the eggs they’d just be out there wandering around, chasing their shadow in a circle. We entered the gated playground and I told him to get an egg. Which he promptly obliged by tripping over a 2x4 at the perimeter of the playground then came up happy- egg in hand. He wouldn’t deposit his egg in the bag until he had another one safe in hand. Then he walked around collecting a new egg and dropping the older egg into the bag I was holding. After he had a few, I left him w/ his grandmother and snuck out of the playground, ran across the parking lot to the field where the older kids hunt was in full swing. Spotted WC across the field and snapped a few pics of him hunting. Of course within minutes I spotted my MIL and CJ hand in hand headed across the parking lot- no doubt that he insisted on finding me. While others were still raking in the eggs WC came over to me and declared that he had enough now. It was cold, windy and somewhat muddy- I was grateful to go. After a nice lunch I had to get home and take Rhi to the vet- which was chronicled in yesterdays post. Then there were still my usual weekend activities of grocery and laundry and household tasks that needed to be done. A woman’s work is never done.
Easter Sunday morning arrived too soon. It was a crisp, beautiful morning. Children dove for their baskets from coast to coast and the candy makers rejoiced. WC, excitedly rummaged through the contents of his basket- which spilled onto the table. CJ grabbed his new rubber ducks and happily sat in the floor with those until he figured out more things were his. The 9 am church service was filled to capacity and somehow we managed to get the only two seats in the place that were in direct sunlight. Never before have I been so glad to stand and kneel so much- the only points in the service that we were in the shade. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that no matter how uncomfortable I was at that moment- it couldn’t compare to dying on a cross. So I refrained from knocking someone else over for their spot in shade. After brunch with the in laws we were off to my mother’s side of the family. It had been a while since any of them had seen my children- placing guilt over CJ’s nap we went. The thing about my mother’s family is that there are a lot of them. Mom is one of eight kids; her oldest sister had eight kids and most of them barely legal before starting their own broods. Whenever the family gets together the poor house is bursting at the seams. There isn’t an empty room to be found. Mom arrived and I no longer had to worry about CJ, he stuck to her like he’d been dipped in crazy glue. WC discovered cousins watching Bolt and that was the last I saw of him for a while. He didn’t even want to participate in the egg hunt- said he had enough candy. Although, I’m not sure you can call it an egg hunt when your cousin just hides wrapped candy.
Then it was off to mom’s house because it seems the Easter Bunny also visited there and two heaping baskets of crap…I mean…wonderful treats for two little boys. Although, I will admit, I was happy for the two matching push button flashlights. That gift was the winner of those baskets. The boys had a grand time.
CJ passed out on the trip home. I allowed him an hour nap because that late in the evening, I didn’t want him to sleep longer. Of course he made me regret waking him. And I still had laundry to finish up, a cat to medicate, children feed dinner. Our table top totally covered with remnants of an Easter basket bomb explosion. All in all a good time. That’s how you know it’s been a good weekend…you need another weekend to recover.
Hallelujah Hallelujay The Lord is Risen.
He is risen indeed. Hallelujah

Monday, April 13, 2009

I didnt know a cat could get diabetes

Last week my 13 year old cat, Rhi, began exhibiting unusual behavior for her. She began doing her business outside of the litter box. Now I found her when she was just weeks old- she fit in the palm of my hand- and never once have I had litter box trouble with her. And then one evening Jay & I were watching tv and she waltzes into the living room, gets directly in between us & the television then squats! What?!? We were both dumbfounded. The box was clean, so I haven't a clue why she would do this. Being an indoor only cat I hadn't taken her to a vet in 6-7 years. But now may be a good time for a visit. I call up a local vet and made an appointment for Saturday. I have to squeeze that in between an Easter Egg Hunt, grocery shopping and everything else that needs to be completed. But I cant have a cat urinating all over my house either. I decided to contain her to one room while at work but strangely she has managed to start disappearing every morning, funny how that works. But so far she hasn't gone in the carpet while we are away- apparently she saves it for an audience. My thoughts between when I made the appointment and going were between UTI, Kidney issues all the way tumors and cancer or mental illness. Diabetes, however, never dawned on me. At the vet's office they started with her weight (11 lbs), temp (norm) and urine sample. Which they drew themselves. When she was returned to me, she was in her carrier, head in the corner, facing away from the door. She wouldn't even turn her ears to me when I spoke. So I figure she was pretty mad at that point. After being violated in a way she probably didn't know was possible, I cant blame her. When they came back with the results of glucose in the urine and suspected diabetes. Her sample was extremely diluted and they asked about her water intake. I recalled commenting to Jay the week before that I couldn't keep her water bowl filled up. Bingo. They wanted to do a blood test to confirm the diabetes. Her blood sugar level was over 400. Cats- like people-they want that number under 200. So now what? The vet wants her to eat a prescription canned food. No more hard food- too much carbohydrates. She felt that there is a good chance it can be managed through diet alone and Rhi can return to her usual active lifestyle (HAHA). They found nothing else wrong with her. She suspected there was also a UTI- but since the urine was so diluted it didn't show in the test. But she gave me a bottle of pills to shove down her throat once a day for the next 14 days. Fun times. In 4-6 weeks she wants us to return for a follow up blood test to make sure her sugar levels have returned to normal on the diet. If still elevated the next step is insulin injections...done by home...holy crap.
So, I left with 4 cans of prescription cat food & a bag of prescription hard food- if she refused the can. But the vet said to try to get her to eat the canned food. Well, she ate that canned food like she hadn't eaten in a month. Now that she's eating the canned I have to go pick up more prescription food. If this works I'm going to request ordering it in bulk.
Unfortunately since we returned home from the vet she still hasn't gone to her litter box- at all. Not only is she urinating in the carpet she's now pooping there too. I don't have the slightest clue. Although I'm not going to kill her- yet. I'll give her time to get better & if the vet determines she is better health-wise but she is still going outside the box. Then it's going to get ugly. I did change litter a month ago to a really cheap kind- she didn't mind. But it was nasty. I hated it. So I changed back to the more expensive kind that she's used for years. I don't know if that has something to do with it. I don't know if it's the diabetes, the uti (but why would that cause the poop issue) or going senile. I still have some the cheap litter I'm going to put in there as a test. But I'll have patience. She's been with me a long time. It's gone from just she & I to bringing Jay into her life. We moved in with him, then the children came along and we've moved houses. Through all the changes over the years she's taken them all in stride, she's never displayed any negative behaviors. I show her where her things are and she adapts beautifully. She's been wonderful with the children. At this point in time, never bitten or scratched them- even if they deserved it. She has all her claws. So for her years of loyalty and good behavior I'll cut her some slack now that she's getting up there in kitty years.

In researching online I discovered quite a few websites on the diabetic cat- who knew?

Friday, April 10, 2009


Unfortunately today's weather was quite severe. Tornado's touched down less than 5 miles from my home and played hop scotch across the southeastern part of my county. Several neighborhoods have been badly damaged. So far the reports are up to 60 injured & I haven't heard of any fatalities at this point. Please pray for those injured and the families who have lost their homes.

A gloomy day and an update on CJ's haircut

It's a gloomy, rainy day. Appropriate, I suppose for a Good Friday. We're under a tornado warning right now- which is always fun with me at work and my children in different places.

I wish they’d given us today off. I’m trying to muster the energy for work. I’m taking a generic Claritin and decongestant. I meant to take a musinex before I left home but forgot. I feel like someone ran over me backed up and did it again. My nose has swollen shut and I don't think you could drive a nail in there with a nail gun. It’s supposed to rain on and off all day today but forecast calls for it to be clear this weekend. I just hope the ground isn't too wet for the egg hunt tomorrow-or we haven't been blown away by a tornado.

We explained Good Friday to WC this morning. It’s difficult to get across today is a solemn occasion when he’s vibrating at the seams in anticipation for more sugar. I meant to do it last night, he was riding his bike in the driveway after we got home yesterday and they had an egg hunt at school. I asked him if he knew why we celebrated Easter. It took a couple of laps around the driveway before he responded, “Because Jesus loves us.”
“Yes, and do you know why else?”
A couple more laps around the driveway. “Because he died on the cross.”
Then something must have happened with CJ to distract me from the conversation. He was pushing his tricycle around the driveway & doing other things. He tried to ride his tricycle last night but doesn't quite have the concept down. He got one foot on a pedal but the other on top of the front wheel guard and pushed- he went forward a smidgen but w/o his other foot on the pedal just stopped. After a while he just chased WC up and down the driveway and picked dandelions in the yard.

I'm pleased to report that CJ, indeed, did get his first professional haircut. My mom said it was touch and go at first- until he discovered a broom. He has a strange fascination with brooms right now. He'll go get ours at home and play with it. From what I was told he sat in the chair holding the broom by the handle and the stylist has to work around that. The first thing I noticed is that the back is crooked. On the positive side she was able to get it shorter all over than I had been.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Touchless Wonder

Ahhh the joys of spring- the sniffling, sneezing, dripping...the sounds of my coworker hacking to death in the next cube. It is a wondrous time of year.

Yesterday mom said she was going to the hair salon today and would also try to get CJ's haircut while there. Up until now I have been the only person to cut his hair (I have no prior experience mind you). Until last night I thought I did a decent job of it. Mom informed me otherwise. And the reason for the home cut isn't simply monetary. CJ is, how can I put this, a peculiar child. He doesn't like to be touched- and not just by strangers. We have family members he sees on a regular basis- like his other grandmother that he refuses to let them touch him. His cousins- the 4 girls ages 7-4 used to want to carry him around their own living doll- he would scream and still wont let any of them touch him. Sometimes, Jay, his own father can't touch him without it resulting in screaming and crying for mommy. Only me & my mother seem to be able to do anything with the child at anytime. And most of time WC can touch him. In the church nursery, he's fine as long as none of the workers attempt to touch him. If he gets upset and they try to comfort him- it only makes it worse. Which is totally contradictory to your instinct when tending to a child and they get upset. But this is just how he is. Although one surprising exception happened at Christmas time when friends of mine were visiting from out of town. CJ had never met them before yet before the evening was out, he went over to my friends husband and climbed up in his lap! I'm interested to hear how today's haircut attempt will go. This woman will definitely earn her money on this one. I've been able to trim it up without upsetting him and to me that was the most important thing. But I guess at some point he'll need to get used to someone else cutting his hair.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of my favorite times of the day is in the evening. After dinner is over and the children have their bath. I dress CJ in his pajama's (WC dresses himself then runs off to do his own thing) and we sit in the same rocking chair that I fed him and his brother in when they were small babies. CJ has grown accustomed to our routine and when I ask him if he is ready to read his stories he dutifully grabs his comfort blankets and runs to my bedroom. He sits in my lap while I read him two stories- his favorite is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton. And I generally alternate the other story between another Boyton book or something else. He really likes Goodnight Moon as well. After I finish his stories we just sit there for a few minutes rocking back and forth. I gently place my cheek on the side of his forehead so I can feel his skin against mine and close my eyes. Any other time of the day, he would jump down and run off- like most active toddlers with a world to explore. But not now. We just sit there together & rock back-n-forth. A funny thing happens. No matter what else has gone on that day, how many tantrums he's thrown, how frustrated he (or anyone else) has made me- I feel all that drain away in those few minutes. I'm truly as peaceful as I've ever been. When I tuck him into his crib and cover him with his favorite blanket- he looks up at me with a smile and says, "luss you." (love you). Somehow that moment, makes it all worthwhile.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week-verse

Below is the biblical reading from church this past Sunday.

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:

Who, being in very nature God,

did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,

but made himself nothing,

taking the very nature of servant,

being made in human likeness.

And being found in appearance as man,

he humbled himself

and became obedient to death

even death on a cross.

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place

and gave him the name that is above every name,

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father. -Philippians 2: 5-11.

Jesus' blood is sufficient. Thanks be to God. Amen.

New Handles

A few weeks ago we were forced to change out the kitchen faucet because the old one wouldnt quit leaking. So replaced it with a nice new brushed nickel one and that got me to thinking about the handles on the cabinets. I went back to the Home Depot and ran into sticker shock- $5+ per handle...29 handles...YIKES! So I did some internet research, thank you Google...and ordered some for a fraction of the store cost even when shipping was added in. So here are some before & afters...

One old (gold) and new one side by side.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Parenting- sometimes it feels like mission impossible

WC often picks bedtime to hit me with his theological/philosophical questions. While brushing his teeth they come out of blue like a guided missile targeted to leave me stumbling for answers that will satisfy him and not lead to another question. This is mission impossible parenting. Why he chooses this time of day to ask- stalling bedtime or simply this is when these issues cross his little mind while getting ready to settle in for the night, I don’t know. Answers aren’t always easy for me to understand, as the adult. How do I explain these things to him? If there are any discrepancies in my answers this child picks it up- a cop with a radar gun sitting on the side of a long stretch of road where the speed limit lowers by 10, he’ll stop me in a heartbeat. Tuesday evening conversation went something like this:
“Mom, did God really make us?”
“Before He made people, was God alone…was Jesus there?”
“Yes.” (sly answer there.)
“How long did Jesus live on earth?”
“They think about 33 years. A long time ago.”
“Why did Jesus die on the cross?”
(oh crap) “Um…as payment for our sins…so we can go to heaven.”
He looks concerned about that last part. We’ve already had many discussions on heaven and he doesn’t want to go there because he doesn’t know where it is. And he often uses the phrase that he doesn’t remember what God looks like. Which these ponderings began after my Grandfather passed away. Initially we didn’t tell WC about it figuring at 3 he wouldn’t remember him. But last year he began asking why he hadn’t seen Granddad in a long time & we finally told him that Granddad had gone to heaven. And ever since then, out of the blue, he expresses fear of growing old and dying. One day he was afraid that his father & I would die then he & CJ would be alone in the house. The only thing I could think to do was assure him that he & CJ would never be alone. I can’t promise him the other- it isn’t up to me. But I don’t mention that either.
Then as quickly as the theological discussion started it was over:
“Are we made of meat?”
“Nu uh.”
“Yes. Muscle is what meat is.”
“We don’t eat people.”
“No. the meat you eat is the muscle from cows or pigs.”
“ roast?”
“Or ham, bacon, hot dogs.”
“Yummy…hot dogs.” And with that he skipped out of the bathroom to find Jay to tuck him into bed.
I informed Jay he was going to start supervising the nightly teeth brushing and potty time so he could get the thrill of answering these questions. Not that he’s any better equipped than I am. I feel so inadequate to answer these types of questions. Do other children ask their parents these sorts of questions? When I envisioned raising my son it never occurred to me that I would need to have answers to these sorts’ conundrums.