Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: The Aftermath

Most parents of small children, in particular, know that a holiday weekend is anything but a relaxing time. Relatives near and far vie for a time slot in the already over scheduled two days. The kids nap and meal schedule flies out the window as they are filled with sugar and a new collection of cheap toys from relatives and doting grandparents. Unfortunately someone, somewhere has to be disappointed. “I’m sorry but I’m already scheduled for one brunch, two church services, three lunches and nervous breakdown on Easter.”
Our whirlwind Holy Holiday started on Saturday with the church egg hunt. It had turned cold the day before when severe weather brought in a front. So there we were- in jackets- me still freezing standing outside the front of the church waiting for instructions. Children becoming more like an unruly mob by the minute. A group of girls behind me plotting their egg hunt strategy and declaring the superiority of girls. The kids were separated by age group. So I had each kid in a different place. I started on the playground with CJ’s age group. It was his first hunt- that he participated in. He watched from the safety of his stroller last year. This year he was gung-ho to go hunt eggs. He didn’t know what was up at first. But he loves those plastic eggs & his age group they were merely strewn about the ground. So it’s more like egg collecting then hunting. But then again, if toddlers were expected to hunt for the eggs they’d just be out there wandering around, chasing their shadow in a circle. We entered the gated playground and I told him to get an egg. Which he promptly obliged by tripping over a 2x4 at the perimeter of the playground then came up happy- egg in hand. He wouldn’t deposit his egg in the bag until he had another one safe in hand. Then he walked around collecting a new egg and dropping the older egg into the bag I was holding. After he had a few, I left him w/ his grandmother and snuck out of the playground, ran across the parking lot to the field where the older kids hunt was in full swing. Spotted WC across the field and snapped a few pics of him hunting. Of course within minutes I spotted my MIL and CJ hand in hand headed across the parking lot- no doubt that he insisted on finding me. While others were still raking in the eggs WC came over to me and declared that he had enough now. It was cold, windy and somewhat muddy- I was grateful to go. After a nice lunch I had to get home and take Rhi to the vet- which was chronicled in yesterdays post. Then there were still my usual weekend activities of grocery and laundry and household tasks that needed to be done. A woman’s work is never done.
Easter Sunday morning arrived too soon. It was a crisp, beautiful morning. Children dove for their baskets from coast to coast and the candy makers rejoiced. WC, excitedly rummaged through the contents of his basket- which spilled onto the table. CJ grabbed his new rubber ducks and happily sat in the floor with those until he figured out more things were his. The 9 am church service was filled to capacity and somehow we managed to get the only two seats in the place that were in direct sunlight. Never before have I been so glad to stand and kneel so much- the only points in the service that we were in the shade. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that no matter how uncomfortable I was at that moment- it couldn’t compare to dying on a cross. So I refrained from knocking someone else over for their spot in shade. After brunch with the in laws we were off to my mother’s side of the family. It had been a while since any of them had seen my children- placing guilt over CJ’s nap we went. The thing about my mother’s family is that there are a lot of them. Mom is one of eight kids; her oldest sister had eight kids and most of them barely legal before starting their own broods. Whenever the family gets together the poor house is bursting at the seams. There isn’t an empty room to be found. Mom arrived and I no longer had to worry about CJ, he stuck to her like he’d been dipped in crazy glue. WC discovered cousins watching Bolt and that was the last I saw of him for a while. He didn’t even want to participate in the egg hunt- said he had enough candy. Although, I’m not sure you can call it an egg hunt when your cousin just hides wrapped candy.
Then it was off to mom’s house because it seems the Easter Bunny also visited there and two heaping baskets of crap…I mean…wonderful treats for two little boys. Although, I will admit, I was happy for the two matching push button flashlights. That gift was the winner of those baskets. The boys had a grand time.
CJ passed out on the trip home. I allowed him an hour nap because that late in the evening, I didn’t want him to sleep longer. Of course he made me regret waking him. And I still had laundry to finish up, a cat to medicate, children feed dinner. Our table top totally covered with remnants of an Easter basket bomb explosion. All in all a good time. That’s how you know it’s been a good weekend…you need another weekend to recover.
Hallelujah Hallelujay The Lord is Risen.
He is risen indeed. Hallelujah

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Michele said...

Christos Anesti!! Christ is Risen!

Sounds like you had a fun Easter, LOL. The muddy egg hunt is the story that made me burst at the seems. I can see them now on a cold, wet day, eggs in hands, muddy shoes, and CJ looking for mommy. Cute image. Cant wait to see the pics!

We actually got to sit in some sunlight too on Easter. I love it. I'm always so cold and there is something so holy about being bathed in sunlight in church. I think it was God's way of saying "Thanks for coming" to you guys. You got the best seats in the house. :)