Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WC...A Model?

Since WC was a baby, various people have told me that he should be a model. Now I've always taken this comment with a grain of salt. Of course I think he's gorgeous- I'm his mother. All mothers think their child(ren) are greatest things since the advent of the washing machine and scotch guard. A friend of mine sent me some photos of her son the other day that were really good. When I inquired if her husband took them- he takes most of the kids pics. She told me they were taken by a photographer from L.A. They had done a photo shoot with him in hopes to find him an agent and start modeling. So that got the wheels in my head spinning and did some research on child modelling, the how-to's and the scams. There seem to be a whole ton of scams out there set on taking advantage of parents who desperately want stardom for their child. Having previously been on maternity leave & not a whole of stuff on daytime tv, I've seem my share of E True Hollywood Stories. And personally the stories of child stars don't sound all that appealing to me. And very few end up being successful adult stars. Now my goal as a parent is to prepare my child for adulthood. Hopefully, to set him on a path to have a fairly happy & "successful" life. And I put "success" in quotes because for me it doesn't necessarily mean banking a million to be successful. It means different things to different folks and I want him to set and attain in goals in whatever makes him happy. And he does enjoy dressing up, posing and taking photos. So maybe he would like to try modeling. So I google for local modelling agencies-we live outside the metro city but it's an half an hour drive in that I already do everyday. I do some more online research of the few agencies that pop up. I also learn that, when dealing with children, these agencies don't need professional pics. Since children change so quickly a pic can be outdated in a mere month or two- so why spend the dough? One local agency accepts online submissions of two uploaded photos (one head shot and one full body). So I plug in WC's info and upload a couple photos and off they go. Jay makes some sort of comment along the lines of we don't have him playing sports, yet we're looking at putting him in modelling. Next thing he knows I'm going to tell him that WC's been signed up for ballet. I tell Jay not to be silly WC doesn't have the coordination for ballet.
I figured it would take a while to get a response back-if ever. But from the time stamp on the email it came back maybe a half an hour after I submitted the info. They think WC has potential and would like to schedule an interview 1) to explain to me what they do and what the local market it for models/actors. and 2.) to look over WC and evaluate him. They do new talent interviews on Tuesdays from 3-6. What time would be good for me.
Now my immediate reaction is that they responded too quickly. Does this mean that they send this auto email out to everyone who submits online? My skeptic meter flies through the roof. But I have responded back that 3 would be good for me, if open. We might as well go and see. I've researched enough that I think I can spot a scam. I know that if they ask me for any money up front then to walk away. According to research, and it makes sense, that if we sign with the agency then they book WC for a job and get paid approx 20% of whatever WC earns from the gig. If they don't book him jobs then they don't get paid. Simple as that. I don't need to use any pre-selected photographers or purchase any expensive packages, modeling coaches or stylists. Which I wouldn't anyway. If he ends up seriously doing it he will prob need a head shot or "comp sheets," a card of several photos. So we'll go & see. In the end it's up to him if he wants to go have his pics taken.

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Michele said...

Wow! Talk about a busy day! He is quite the cutie.

We got their picture in the mail yesterday. I love it!!! They are so adorable. It's on the fridge. I couldnt think of putting it away. :)