Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missing: My Mind

“Of all the things that I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” Is a quote, to my surprise, that is attributed to Mark Twain. Seems like something a mom would say. It’s fitting of my life this week. I don’t know if it’s the added pressure of the extra care needed by Rhi- the diabetic cat who still won’t crap in her box. Or perhaps the whining demands of CJ. This week I haven’t even been able to make dinner without his forehead plastered to my thigh while I stand at the stove or he migrates in between me and stove/counter with the top of his shoved in my crotch like he’s trying to climb back up. During dinner, he’s in my lap. I know he has one, if not two, two year molars coming in and seasonal allergy issues. WC is completely irritated with him and snaps at him for whining then gets angry when CJ isn’t doing as he commands. Last night they were arguing over markers. CJ had one that he shouldn’t have, WC got out of his chair to tell on him and CJ climbed into his chair. Jay put on his referee hat and attempted to control the situation. It fell apart when Jay told WC to do something and instead he felt the need to still pull the marker from CJ’s clutches. He was surprised to find himself in trouble for not doing what he was told to do instead of policing his baby brother. He sat in the floor and sobbed his eyes out. I attempted to explain to him that once daddy or I were on the scene it wasn’t his job to correct CJ- we would handle it. He needed to do as he was told. I know I’ve had this conversation with him before. And I must be completely off my rocker to attempt to take them for photographs tomorrow.
Yesterday, I took the nebulizer and other medications to moms for CJ. He’d started a cough the night before- not bad- but just a precaution to have the stuff handy. Mom called me after I’d gotten to work and informed me that I neglected to pack the medication cup and paci attachment- things needed in order to deliver the medication to the child, thereby rendering the nebulizer and vials of meds useless. Nice. Luckily, he didn’t need it. On the way home last night I received a message from mom that I’d left his sweater, hat, pain medication (for the molars) and Benadryl at her house. This morning I got out of the car & told her that I’d forgotten the baby today- just kidding of course.
If you see my brain lying around somewhere please pick it up and notify me where I may retrieve it.
One month from today, CJ will turn two. I just can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I now need to plan his birthday party-nothing big and fancy- Just some family at our house. But that’s stressful too. There’s so much to do…I don’t know how I’m going to do it.
A common practice of both my children is to call the inanimate objects they are “looking” for. For example if CJ is looking for his sippy cup ( a very common one) he wanders around calling out, “Cup…Cup…Cup” WC- who is well aware that inanimate objects do not respond will also employ this technique to find specific toys he is interested in. However, I suspect the object is to drive me insane to the point that I will quit what I am doing and locate the toy for him. The other night CJ is calling for his cup and I begin to wander around calling out, “sanity…sanity…sanity.” Jay comes in and looks at me puzzled. I shrug my shoulders and tell him. “Like everything else in this house, my sanity doesn’t come when called, either.”

* Special note: thinking about Sophia, born into heaven 14 months ago today. It doesnt seem like it should be that long ago. I'm sorry that I dont get to see the photos of your milestones. I bet you'd be putting those plastic Easter Eggs in your mouth and slobbering.

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Michele said...

I was completely okay until I read your postscript. God, I wish I had the photos to send you. And I think you are right... I think she'd be picking stuff up off the floor and putting it in her mouth. After all, her mom ate mudpies...

Now that I've silenced my little cry, I have to tell you how much I laughed at the kids looking for inanimate objects. I confess. I do that. I have been known to say "cell phone", "keys", and a wide variety of other things (usually with an explicative in front). Peter thinks I'm crazy. He's for sure right about that!