Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Verizon Argument

Every month I receive a text message letting me know how much my monthly cell phone bill is because I have it automatically deducted. Usually its the same thing every month. Today the text revealed it was $100 higher. Why? I go online and my usual $5 a month web access was replaced by "megabyte usage." What the hell? I call Verizon and Joe from India initially tells me its for downloads. I know Jay & he didnt download 48 different applications/games, whatever. If he downloaded anything it was a golf game. And I know for a fact that I didn't either and the charges were on my number as well. So the guy types some more and confirms, as I already knew it was for accessing the web. What happened to my $5 a month, per phone, mobile web? It isnt anywhere to be found. He tells me it is for email. Oh no. I go off. I try to be nice on the phone. But to sit there and tell me that I selected an item called mobile web and it's for email is absurd. I demand his manager and he tries to sell me an unlimited access pack for $15 a month- per phone. I didnt ask to be sold another product I want the one I signed up for to begin with. After about twenty minutes of back-n- forth I go online and find on their website a blurb about $5 a month mobile web. He then tells me its not available for my nation wide calling plan. Then why was I allowed to select it when I upgraded my phone two months ago? Basically he then said to me, "I'm sorry for your confusion." I was unable to speak. My blood pressure was prob through the roof. I hung up on him. Otherwise I could of been really ugly.
It dawned on me that Jay upgraded his phone the next month. I bet he did something unknowingly. I called him & asked if he changed our calling plan. He said he didnt do anything knowingly. It seemed like they changed something but he couldnt recall what. He was working. Of course, he was upset when I told him why I was asking. He said I should have taken them up on the $15 thing and asked them to credit the rest and then cancelled it all next month. I told them he could call later and deal with it. I'm too exhausted. I want to throw up. It's amazing how outrage can be tiring. I went and lay down on the couch trying to stave off a brewing headache. The kids had been playing in the kitchen the whole time and have strewn 200 wooden blocks everywhere. But I dont care at the moment. I'm laying there and WC comes up and tells me I need to come see what he built. "It's cool." So I get up and go in there. He's built a small castle out of blocks. He's beginning to get three dimensional with his buildings- it's fun to witness the growth. He told me the castle had legs. And when I asked if it were going to walk off he looked at me like I was crazy. "No, it's made out of blocks and they're not real." I never know where imagination ends and reality begins anymore. The next hour the thing could be galloping all over the kitchen.
I went back to lay down and next thing I know, WC's looking down at me smiling. And the next minute- for unknown reasons- he's trying to lick me and I'm trying to keep him from doing so. We're giggling and wrestling and I'm trying to get him to lick my foot and he's shrieking.
Ya know- life is good after all.

At Home Mommy- Part 2

Last night, after my shower, I wrapped myself in a terry cloth robe and sat down on the toilet lid to dry my feet. And promptly fell asleep. Sitting upright. After a day of cleaning the carpet in our bedroom and rearranging the furniture, laundry, dishes, tending the kids, and finally making dinner and bathing the boys-the word exhausted doesnt quite do it justice. However, it was that good kind of tired where you fall into bed knowing it was worth it.
I decided to take the boys on an outing today. The local movie theatre has a special on Tue & Wed at 10 where they play a kids movie for $2 a person. This weeks selection was Over the Hedge. CJ has never been to a movie theatre before and I am not quite sure if I have been to one since he was born. Jay & WC have seen a couple movies together. But for $6 I'm willing to give it a shot. So we arrive at the theatre a little after 9:30 and get in line for popcorn & drinks. I direct WC to the theatre door, while trying to carry a small popcorn and a drink and coax CJ to follow. And walking through a theatre door is intimidating to a small child who doesnt know what is going on- it's just a dark, uninviting hallway until you reach where it opens into the seating area. WC heads up the steps, thankfully. CJ follows and WC selects an aisle about mid way up. He sits on the end. I put CJ in the seat next me but he doesnt stay. He gets down and stands in the aisle looking around. The theatre fills rapidly and reluctantly I have to give the seat next to me up. I'm extremely uncomfortable sitting next to strangers but it becomes obvious I will not have a choice. And I agree to let a woman w/ three daughters (all older than mine) sit next me. And they were the good choice- one of the young girls sit next to me and she leans into her mother the entire time. Before show time a man comes out and addresses the audience tells us that proceeds from the ticket sales will go to St. Jude (awesome) and with our ticket stubs we get a free kids buffet at the pizza place next door w/ purchase of adult buffet(I know where we're eating lunch). At the beginning of the previews CJ climbs into the seat w/ WC and pulls his croc shoes off and leans back munching out of the bag of popcorn and crossed his feet at the ankles. I wish there had been enough light for my cell phone camera to have taken that pic but it was too dark. It was cute. The kid behind me is pitching a fit and I'm so grateful that it isnt mine. Then I hear the kid say he doesnt want to go home and the fit stops. For the most part mine were good. CJ didnt stay seated the whole time- but at two I didnt expect it. He spilled part of the popcorn into the aisle and became obsessed with picking it up. If we'd been at home he'd just as soon stomped on it. But there he had to pick it up- one kernel at a time. Then he dumped part of a cup of fruit punch down the front of him. He can drink from a straw but hasnt quite grasped that one mustn't turn the cup up. By the end of the movie he was sitting on the stairs poking on the light inside the tube that they use to keep the aisle illuminated. But he was being quiet and hadn't wandered off. The credits rolled and I put his shoes back on and then it was time for pizza. From the theatre to the front door both of them repeatedly chanted "pizza" and they'd eaten half a bag of popcorn. I load them in the car and we went for pizza. At the pizza place I showed the stub and got WC's buffet for free, CJ being two ate for free and my buffet was $4.99. Three drinks and tax later $8 for lunch for all three of us. CJ ate four slices of pizza and a brownie, WC ate five slices, a brownie and a slice of desert pizza that was like an apple crisp. I had four or five slices and the apple pizza too. So I think I got my money's worth.
I'd forgotten how loud theatre's are. It didnt seem to faze the kids but I really dont think it needs to be that loud. I'm showing my age- aren't I?
Everything must have worn them out. CJ went to nap after we got home and WC is sound asleep on the couch. I'm going to enjoy the peace & quiet for a little while.

Monday, June 29, 2009

At Home Mommy- for a week

This week is my parents annual trip to Florida. Which means I don't have a babysitter for CJ. So this is the week I take my vacation from work. Unfortunately Jay doesnt have any paid time off from his job so It's just me and the boys at home. Today's been a busy day of cleaning and I dont plan on that happening everyday. I'm looking for some other activities to do with them over the next few days- just thought i'd get the unpleasant out of the way.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my sis, Cat, that I was considering setting up a fish aquarium. I had bid on one from ebay and lost by like a dollar. She said that she had a nice big one that I could have. She'd been given a large aquarium with a base for her geco but she had to leave it behind when she'd moved back into my parents house after splitting with dumbo. The geco's living in a smaller aquarium. She and her new friend picked it up last week and delivered it to me. After leak testing it on the back deck for days we brought it in on Saturday. It's been up and running since then sans fish. According to online reading we're supposed to let it "cycle." Now my last fish was a Betta named Clarence. I inherited him 9 years ago when my maternal grandma joined grandpa for canasta in the sky. Clarence lived in her nursing home room and no one else wanted him. So I brought him home and gave him bigger fish bowl on top of the entertainment center. At the time Jay worked for a bottled water company- so Clarence lived in bottled water. And he lived with us about 3 1/2 to 4 years before he went to big fish tank in the sky. I never added any of this stuff that I'm measuring & pouring into the water to help the beneficial bacteria grow. I didnt use a heater or thermometer or a filter. But the kids are ecstatic over this- so I hope I dont kill any fish. WC already has names picked out: Master Yoda & Perry the Platypus. I really didnt want to name them but I'm afraid I have no choice in the matter. After much explaining WC finally understands that we have to make sure the water is good for the fish before we can bring any home. He hasn't asked today. Today the water in the tank has gone from clear to a little cloudy- I assume that's the bacteria bloom I've read about.
I have a little one crying- up from nap & not happy. I must end my post...

Monday, June 22, 2009

What do you get when a hooker and a snake show up at your yard sale?

Believe it or not the answer isn't a dirty joke or riddle. It would be my weekend. My best friend of 18 years, Kris, and myself planned to hold a yard sale together this spring and purge all of our baby items and clothes that we no longer needed. She also has two boys: Ry (4) & Bryce (17 months). We have a lot of baby items. Well the spring sale turned into a summer one and then we procrastinated some more until it turned into the sale hosted on the two hottest days of the year. 98 degrees with heat index of 105 and humidity out the wazoo. Yes, we were out side. Friday the day was pretty much a bust. We chased off two guys with thick accents who kept trying to get us to sell them our whole lot of baby clothes for $20 under the claim they were sending them to needy kids in Africa. Yeah, right...they were going to sell them for a huge amount over what they paid us. Then when they left- suspect but have no proof- they are why our signs ended up missing. We were only selling the clothes for a quarter a piece anyway. Saturday morning rolled around and we were moving stuff into the driveway at about ten til seven in the morning. Joe, Kris's husband, put up brand new signs. A car speeds to a stop at the end of the driveway- a woman with frizzy bleach blond hair jumps out of the car. And yells at us if we have a cell phone. "For sale," Kris yells back. "Yeah mine broke." Kris offers to go in the house and see if she can find an old one and disappears, leaving me alone. The woman starts talking to me while I continue to put stuff out and pretend I don't notice her skin tight jeans and gold shiny halter top with the fat roll squished out over the top of the jeans and hanging out from under the halter top. She had no business being bra less- either. And still had stitches in her side from having moles or something removed. Smeared mascara and eyeliner gave her raccoon eyes. She babbled so fast she had to be on speed. She wanted to know if we had any clothes. Kris had a few things. But she wanted to know if we had any halter or tube tops. Um, no. Stiletto heels? Um, again...no. Kris returned with an old phone & charger combo and handed them to the woman. Who offered her money. Kris refused. Then the woman wanted to buy one of Kris's dresses. It was ten dollars. The woman said she needed to go to the bank and left. When she was gone I asked Kris, "Didn't she just get paid...in cash?" Of course, the hooker didnt come back for the dress.
About eight Jay dropped our boys off so he could get his haircut. I told him to come back for CJ around eleven to take him home for lunch and nap. This would give Jay a couple hours to himself- thought I'd be nice. My hope was with WC there that CJ would be okay to go off with him and play. Especially stay in the house because it was so hot outside, He wouldnt go anywhere but up under my feet. I tried to stay sitting in front of the fan- so he would stay there too. Jay came back about nine thirty. He couldnt figure out what to do (LOL).  Ry & WC were inside watching Batman so he took CJ & Bryce followed into the house. With Jay there Joe went to Home Depot for plants (their front hedges all died). Things were uneventful for a time. When Jay took CJ home- WC didnt want to go, so I let him stay and play with Ry & Bryce.
The three boys were in the garage with us playing on one of those battery operated cars they could ride in. It was meant for one child- somehow all three were crammed in there & the battery almost dead so they werent moving very fast. Kris decided to go through some boxes in the garage. Suddenly she jumps back and yells, "I think it's a snake." She runs out into the yard and screams, "Joe, I think it's a snake." I get up and go look into the box- the lid hadnt been closed all the way. And sure enough there are two little black beady eyes staring up at me. "Yep- it's a snake." I confirm. Kris is having a come apart. Joe comes in and takes the lid the rest of the way off. He & I stand there looking down into the box at this snake coiled around the toys in the bottom. While I dont want one in the house- snakes dont bother me. I think they're kinda cool and they eat mice and rats. Which was what this guy had done. They'd had a rat/ mice in the garage, we'd seen the droppings. And now here was a snake with a lump in it. Since it took care of the rodent we arent going to kill it. The boys want to look at the snake, Joe wants to photograph it and I just want to go release it in the woods. Somehow it was then decided since his mom was on her way over that we'd leave it in the box and show it to her. So Kris puts a flower pot on top of the box lid (as though the snake's going to bust out). The snake was being as still as it could be hoping we'd all go away & leave it to digest its dinner. So his mom arrives and they get her to open the box top- she screams a profanity and runs across the garage & they laugh. Okay so now you've had your fun can we take the box to the woods? No, of course not. Joe decides he want to pick the snake up out the box. He dons leather gardening gloves and a paint stirrer then removes the box top. After mom screamed the snakes now coiled further into the botton of the box and freaked. Joe's now poking it with the paint stirrer and trying to grab it with a gloved hand. Mom & Kris are having a cow on the opposite side of the garage, I'm in the middle telling him to get it by the head and the boys have returned to their vehicle play at the back of the garage. If you dont see where this is going- the snake gets out of the box & loose in the garage. It makes a bee line back towards the garage wall - there is a hole. Joe's slinging boxes out away from the wall and grabbing the snake and pulling it trying to keep it from the hole but has to let go to keep snake from coming back around and biting him. There is a woman trying to buy a shirt from us her male companion is watching from the comfort of his car & laughing. Eventually the snake does whirl around and bite him on the (gloved) finger- causing Joe to sling the snake back up into the air. The snake is airborne, Kris is screaming and running -accusing Joe of throwing it at her. The snake hits the ground then heads towards the back of the garage (where the kids are). It's about a 3 and a half to four feet long. Joe is using the box top as a shield and the paint stirrer as a sword and trying to divert the snake from going back where the kids are. It's curled up and striking at Joe.  "Get the boys out," he yells. Since I'm the only other adult still inside the garage I pick up Ry and set him down w/ instructions to get in the house, then WC and I grab up Bryce and carry him following the other two up the steps into the house. A few minutes later Kris enters the house and tells me to go help Joe pick up the box and take it off to the woods-she wouldnt even touch the box. Somehow he managed to get the snake back into the box we found it in. We werent even allowed to take it to the wooded area closest to the house, we had to drive to the other end of the subdivision to release it. Joe and I sat the box down at the tree line and opened it. He prodded it with the paint stirrer and it poked it head out and finally crawled out into the grass and headed back into the trees. Back at the house he told Kris that we were rid of the snake- unless it had babies in the wall.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ever notice how some people always seem to have drama follow them? My sister is one of those people. At twenty three her life can be characterized as there's always something wrong. As a teen she stayed injured and there was always something medically wrong. She's had numerous allergic reactions, illnesses, concussions, sprains, strains, aches, rashes, you name it. Then there's the revolving door of boyfriends- or parade of human crap. She's been engaged two or three times, bought and sold one unused wedding dress. The last guy had to be worse so far-she was never engaged to him. She got pregnant and the first thing out of his mouth was that he didn't want it. Then she miscarried. They lived together then he kicked her out. She lived with me. Then he begged her back and she went. Less than a year later he "wanted space." and kicked her out again. Yet they kept dating. She moved back in with my parents and began a program for dental assistant degree. On Valentines day she took a present to her "boyfriends" house to leave for him because he was "working." While in the house she began to notice things that she'd left behind when she moved out were missing. Eventually she found them all boxed up in the basement next to the back door. Fast Forward to May- she graduates her dental assisting program and begins to date a new guy. Seems like things are going full speed ahead in a good direction this time. But NO, now our own father is off his rocker. For some reason he has it in his head that she is not trying to get a job (hello...economy?). Unfortunately when dad decides that something is true nothing we can do will change his mind. I once witnessed him grill my orthodontist for a half an hour because he knew my receding gum line was due to the braces and the doc just wouldn't admit it.
Last night I get call from my mom asking if my sis has shown up at my house. At that moment, no. She tells me that sis and dad had a huge blowup over this job thing. Now her dental assisting program we thought was supposed to help w/ job placement but my sis says all they did was help her put together a resume and give her a pat on the back and that was it. So dad calls the school and chews out someone in the career center for not doing their job and finding her a job. Now she's 23 and this is just creepy that he's calling and anyone told him anything. But he insists since he's the one who paid for her education that they talk to him. He was told by whomever he spoke with that she told them that she was "happy w/ her current job and not looking for another one." Which she maintains is a totally false statement. And on this point I tend to side with her. I'm thinking that who ever he was chewing out just told him that to get the crazy man off the phone. Because he will not accept any answer than the one he already believes to be true. When moms on the phone with me I can hear him yelling this story behind her. I'm questioning why anyone at the school would speak to him about her, she's not a minor.
About ten after nine last night she came through my door in tears. I'd only wished she'd been about five minutes later then WC would have been in bed. We were finished with stories and about to go brush teeth when she blew through the door. Then I had to answer, "Why is aunt Cat crying?"
I ushered him to the bathroom without answering initially. He kept asking. So I just ponied up the truth. "She and papa had an argument. She's upset now. But everything will be fine." I couldn't think of anything else. He accepted the answer and went on with brushing.
With WC tucked in I went to the kitchen to console her. She was still crying and complained that she couldn't even paint her toe nails in peace. He came into her room specifically to yell and fuss at her for not having a job (in the dental field she does work weekends for a new age book store). Every time he sees her he harps on the job thing. She can't get a moments quiet about it when he's around. I told her what he'd said about them telling him that she didn't want to find one. She said she was going down to the school today to speak with them about that. So we'll see. It really is beyond time for her to move out of their house. Since she learned to talk her and dad couldn't be in the same room by themselves longer than five minutes without fighting. It's just magnified here lately. It's not like she's been out of school for years and still hasn't gotten a job. It's been about a month- maybe. She's not always been the most reliable or motivated person but this time I think she needs some slack.
I'm hoping and praying that a job for her will come about soon and she can get out of my parents house, into an apartment of her own and get on with becoming an adult. Of course, knowing her, it will be full of drama. She should have her own reality show.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Millionaire Auditions

Last week I heard on the radio that the television show Who Wants to be a Millionaire would be in town Saturday morning holding auditions for potential contestants. So I convinced Jay- whose head is full of trivia, facts and stats that useless most days of the week that he should audition. Truth be told, I didn't have to wheedle that hard. Saturday morning he was up at the crack of dawn and headed out to downtown. He was 20th in line. Not bad. Up first was a "written" test- bubble scan tron sheets that most of us remember from standardized tests in school. Number 2 pencil required. If they passed the written portion then would be called back for an interview. He called me about five after nine- he'd left his car in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church but was slightly turned around & couldn't remember which direction the church was in. After locating the address for him he was on his way. Then he told me that he'd gotten a call back interview for one thirty that afternoon. There was a questionnaire to fill out containing questions about hobbies, habits and what makes him unique. Unfortunately when these nationally syndicated shows come to the South they generally pick the biggest wad of cliche they can find. Where do they find these people? Do they go out in the woods and hold up a pair of NASCAR tickets? I don't know if he's "southern" enough. Although as a teenager he did work for Miss Kitty's Saloon at Opryland. I wish that were a joke. But two things I'd like to dispel right away. In my everyday life I see no one wearing cowboy hats. I've never even owned a cowboy hat or a pair of boots. And yes, we wear shoes. Once I had someone in all seriousness tell me how surprised that everyone here had on shoes. Really?
For the call back Jay & I left the kids with his mom. His dad dropped us off in front of the Hilton. Because CMA Music Fest is going on right now (loads of tourist wearing cowboy hats and boots). Finding parking would be nightmare. He wanted the company but I wasn't allowed beyond a certain point. Therefore I was left to my own devises in the Hilton. I found a rooftop deck overlooking one of the stages. I didn't know the band but it was a pretty cool vantage point. I'll attach pics.
We'll get a postcard in couple weeks letting us know if he made the "contestant pool." Jay says he doesn't really care if he makes the show, he was just happy that he passed the test and got a call back. That's enough for him.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Night Running

Last night CJ rolled out of his bed. He's been sleeping in the crib converted to daybed for over a week without incident. Until last night. You can imagine, or recall from experience, being awakened by hitting the floor- not pleasant. He's half a sleep and angry. I get him tucked back in and after a few minutes he calms down into sleep. Then my fun begins. Normally I do not have any trouble falling asleep. Nor do I usually remember any dreams. When I finally fall asleep I find myself in a Walmart type of establishment. However the clothes or other shelved items do not have any detail to them. I'm walking along an aisle behind my friend, Marie. I'm holding a rosary and reciting the Lords Prayer. Jolted from my sleep by CJ crying I go to his room & he's standing in the middle of the floor- holding his blanket & crying. I return him to his bed, cover him up and then cover up a sound asleep WC before returning to my bed. In my awake mind I realize I'd been praying the Lords Prayer on the beads for the Hail Mary's- in my dream. That was odd.
Asleep again I find Marie and Myself at work, but it isnt our current place of employment. It's a large but sparse place. Coral colored marble floors and wall to one side, everything very slick & shiny. The other side of me in the corridor is a clear glass railing. The other side of the railing plummets down to the ground floor many stories below. We are aware that we are in danger- we're walking fast from someone. I realize that I dont have my purse and shoes. But I am carrying three magazines entitled  Traditional Home- a home design magazine we have in our kitchen at work in reality. We descend the marble staircase towards the doors. When we get there we run into a group of "higher ups." And we sit down on the floor, up against a wall next to the door leading outside. The group of upper management people are all whispering. And in walks the big boss- I have no idea how I know who these people are because in reality I don't. And he says something to them and one of them looks in our direction and wants to conference in a room away from the "underlings." But for some reason the boss declares that they need to go on and evacuate the building immediately. At this point Marie and I are standing and we're surrounded by a crowd of co-workers attempting to exit the building. A guy I went to high school with- havent seen since- is standing next to me and having a fit over my home design magazines & wants to borrow them when I'm finished. We all begin to funnel out of the building and for some strange reason I then decide I need to go back for my purse and shoes. I begin to fight my way back through the crowd into the building I've been trying to get out of. CJ crying brings me back to reality. I check on him & he's crying in his sleep.
Back into dreamland I travel and again I'm in the same marble building as before. This time however, WC is with me. And this time we are being attacked by what appeared to be your standard child. Maybe an 8-9 year old boy. I have never seen this child before. But I am convinced he's evil and I have to defend WC and myself from him. And he's coming at us from the other side of that glass railing- we're several flights up and I'm not sure how he's able to do this. I keep trying to push him off the glass railing and keep him away from WC. He's laughing as I try to knock him down.
Thankfully I am then awakened by the real WC climbing in bed between Jay & myself. One minute before my alarm was set to go off.
I'm exhausted I feel like I've been running all night. If this is what my dreams are usually about I'm glad I dont remember them.

Monday, June 1, 2009

In Every Child's Life...Sometimes He Must Fall

Saturday morning we were aroused from a peaceful sleep by a loud thud and CJ crying. We jumped from the bed and ran- I pushed Jay because he wasn't moving fast enough-even though the boys room is directly across the hall. We found CJ standing in his bedroom floor in hysterics. CJ still slept in a crib. He managed to clib out and fall. I don't think he fell on his head. He was standing too quickly. Luckily his cries were more frightened sounding than in pain. I scooped him up and took him to the rocker to examine him. He was trembling but didnt appear to have any additional bumps or bruises than what he went to bed with. I rocked him for several minutes until he calmed down. Then he wanted a pop tart. What a way to start the day. I'd known that we would need to convert the crib to a daybed this summer- like most things it happened sooner than I'd like. But with the danger of him scaling the rail it was time and Jay immediately removed the crib rail after CJ was deemed uninjured by his attempt at gaining freedom. It seems that WC had gotten out of bed and left the bedroom, CJ called for us a couple times and when we didnt respond- took matters into his own little hands. He was delighted to later find his bed without the rail and he climbed into and out of on his own. I was nervous- how would we ever keep him in it now? However I'm happy to report he napped in it on Saturday without incident. Even though he can get in by himself he wants to me to pick him up and place him in his bed.
Sunday morning I woke to CJ gripping my finger and pulling with the announcement, "I want." It was 5:40 a.m. Oh the joys of not being able to confine him to a crib. Of course the want is a pop tart. This morning Jay tells me to come to the boys room and I go in and CJ isn't in his bed. He's across the room, asleep on the floor next to WC's bed. He has his security blanket covering his legs.I couldnt decide between whether the scene was pitiful looking or sweet. It wont be long until he's climbing into bed with his big brother.
This wasnt the first time that CJ has fallen out of the bed. It was the first time he had intent on breaking out though. While I sat in the chair holding him, it took me back to when he was an infant. He'd just started grabbing the rail to pull up and Jay needed to lower the mattress. This is how it goes with infants one day you could leave the rail down and nothing would happen. The next morning the rail down and the baby grabs the rail and pulls himself up & over the side. The crib was still in our room at the time and I was in the bathroom and heard a thud. I go into the bathroom to discover my baby on the floor, flat on his back, completely still and quiet. Jay had changed CJ's diaper and walked off forgetting that he needed to put that rail back up. It takes me a moment to process what has happened. I snatch CJ up off the floor and he finally begins to scream. I'm looking at him- feeling him from head to toe for bumps, bruises or any sign of anything gone wrong. He appeared totally unscathed. In minutes after he calmed down was crawling around the house like nothing had happened. I'm frantic on the inside but have always made a point to not overreact. I try to react appropriately to illness or injury. I also refrained from ripping Jay a new one. I could have too...I was ticked. There's nothing like than instinct in a mom. The gut reaction to protect your baby and maim anything that causes that child pain. But I knew he felt awful and no point in me adding to that. It wouldnt help the situation or change it. I left a message with his pediatricians office (because of the lack of anything appearing physically wrong I didnt rush to the ER). But I keep watching him while waiting on the call from dr. which only took like 5 min. We discuss what happened and how he was behaving at that moment. He didnt appear to be in any pain & I couldnt find anything obviously wrong. So she goes over with me what to watch for and we had to monitor him for symptoms of concussion for three days (the whole weekend). I remember we had to disturb him in his sleep for several nights. We didnt have to wake him up- but make sure he stirred. At that time I went into working feeling like I should have been more vigilant. But then everyone around me had stories of either themselves tumbling down stairs when they were about CJ's age or their own children scooting off the parent bed or something similar to what happened. So I guess it's all just apart of the parenthood/childhood experience. It's a good thing they're sturdier than they look.
*Happy Birthday, Nick.