Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At Home Mommy- Part 2

Last night, after my shower, I wrapped myself in a terry cloth robe and sat down on the toilet lid to dry my feet. And promptly fell asleep. Sitting upright. After a day of cleaning the carpet in our bedroom and rearranging the furniture, laundry, dishes, tending the kids, and finally making dinner and bathing the boys-the word exhausted doesnt quite do it justice. However, it was that good kind of tired where you fall into bed knowing it was worth it.
I decided to take the boys on an outing today. The local movie theatre has a special on Tue & Wed at 10 where they play a kids movie for $2 a person. This weeks selection was Over the Hedge. CJ has never been to a movie theatre before and I am not quite sure if I have been to one since he was born. Jay & WC have seen a couple movies together. But for $6 I'm willing to give it a shot. So we arrive at the theatre a little after 9:30 and get in line for popcorn & drinks. I direct WC to the theatre door, while trying to carry a small popcorn and a drink and coax CJ to follow. And walking through a theatre door is intimidating to a small child who doesnt know what is going on- it's just a dark, uninviting hallway until you reach where it opens into the seating area. WC heads up the steps, thankfully. CJ follows and WC selects an aisle about mid way up. He sits on the end. I put CJ in the seat next me but he doesnt stay. He gets down and stands in the aisle looking around. The theatre fills rapidly and reluctantly I have to give the seat next to me up. I'm extremely uncomfortable sitting next to strangers but it becomes obvious I will not have a choice. And I agree to let a woman w/ three daughters (all older than mine) sit next me. And they were the good choice- one of the young girls sit next to me and she leans into her mother the entire time. Before show time a man comes out and addresses the audience tells us that proceeds from the ticket sales will go to St. Jude (awesome) and with our ticket stubs we get a free kids buffet at the pizza place next door w/ purchase of adult buffet(I know where we're eating lunch). At the beginning of the previews CJ climbs into the seat w/ WC and pulls his croc shoes off and leans back munching out of the bag of popcorn and crossed his feet at the ankles. I wish there had been enough light for my cell phone camera to have taken that pic but it was too dark. It was cute. The kid behind me is pitching a fit and I'm so grateful that it isnt mine. Then I hear the kid say he doesnt want to go home and the fit stops. For the most part mine were good. CJ didnt stay seated the whole time- but at two I didnt expect it. He spilled part of the popcorn into the aisle and became obsessed with picking it up. If we'd been at home he'd just as soon stomped on it. But there he had to pick it up- one kernel at a time. Then he dumped part of a cup of fruit punch down the front of him. He can drink from a straw but hasnt quite grasped that one mustn't turn the cup up. By the end of the movie he was sitting on the stairs poking on the light inside the tube that they use to keep the aisle illuminated. But he was being quiet and hadn't wandered off. The credits rolled and I put his shoes back on and then it was time for pizza. From the theatre to the front door both of them repeatedly chanted "pizza" and they'd eaten half a bag of popcorn. I load them in the car and we went for pizza. At the pizza place I showed the stub and got WC's buffet for free, CJ being two ate for free and my buffet was $4.99. Three drinks and tax later $8 for lunch for all three of us. CJ ate four slices of pizza and a brownie, WC ate five slices, a brownie and a slice of desert pizza that was like an apple crisp. I had four or five slices and the apple pizza too. So I think I got my money's worth.
I'd forgotten how loud theatre's are. It didnt seem to faze the kids but I really dont think it needs to be that loud. I'm showing my age- aren't I?
Everything must have worn them out. CJ went to nap after we got home and WC is sound asleep on the couch. I'm going to enjoy the peace & quiet for a little while.

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Michele said...

How adorable! I wish there had been enough light for a pic too! And I agree 100%- the theaters these days are WAY loud. I cringe and Peter has been known to complain...