Monday, June 29, 2009

At Home Mommy- for a week

This week is my parents annual trip to Florida. Which means I don't have a babysitter for CJ. So this is the week I take my vacation from work. Unfortunately Jay doesnt have any paid time off from his job so It's just me and the boys at home. Today's been a busy day of cleaning and I dont plan on that happening everyday. I'm looking for some other activities to do with them over the next few days- just thought i'd get the unpleasant out of the way.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my sis, Cat, that I was considering setting up a fish aquarium. I had bid on one from ebay and lost by like a dollar. She said that she had a nice big one that I could have. She'd been given a large aquarium with a base for her geco but she had to leave it behind when she'd moved back into my parents house after splitting with dumbo. The geco's living in a smaller aquarium. She and her new friend picked it up last week and delivered it to me. After leak testing it on the back deck for days we brought it in on Saturday. It's been up and running since then sans fish. According to online reading we're supposed to let it "cycle." Now my last fish was a Betta named Clarence. I inherited him 9 years ago when my maternal grandma joined grandpa for canasta in the sky. Clarence lived in her nursing home room and no one else wanted him. So I brought him home and gave him bigger fish bowl on top of the entertainment center. At the time Jay worked for a bottled water company- so Clarence lived in bottled water. And he lived with us about 3 1/2 to 4 years before he went to big fish tank in the sky. I never added any of this stuff that I'm measuring & pouring into the water to help the beneficial bacteria grow. I didnt use a heater or thermometer or a filter. But the kids are ecstatic over this- so I hope I dont kill any fish. WC already has names picked out: Master Yoda & Perry the Platypus. I really didnt want to name them but I'm afraid I have no choice in the matter. After much explaining WC finally understands that we have to make sure the water is good for the fish before we can bring any home. He hasn't asked today. Today the water in the tank has gone from clear to a little cloudy- I assume that's the bacteria bloom I've read about.
I have a little one crying- up from nap & not happy. I must end my post...

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Michele said...

ggod luck with your fish! i had a few that joined the aquarium in the sky when i was a kid.