Monday, June 15, 2009

Millionaire Auditions

Last week I heard on the radio that the television show Who Wants to be a Millionaire would be in town Saturday morning holding auditions for potential contestants. So I convinced Jay- whose head is full of trivia, facts and stats that useless most days of the week that he should audition. Truth be told, I didn't have to wheedle that hard. Saturday morning he was up at the crack of dawn and headed out to downtown. He was 20th in line. Not bad. Up first was a "written" test- bubble scan tron sheets that most of us remember from standardized tests in school. Number 2 pencil required. If they passed the written portion then would be called back for an interview. He called me about five after nine- he'd left his car in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church but was slightly turned around & couldn't remember which direction the church was in. After locating the address for him he was on his way. Then he told me that he'd gotten a call back interview for one thirty that afternoon. There was a questionnaire to fill out containing questions about hobbies, habits and what makes him unique. Unfortunately when these nationally syndicated shows come to the South they generally pick the biggest wad of cliche they can find. Where do they find these people? Do they go out in the woods and hold up a pair of NASCAR tickets? I don't know if he's "southern" enough. Although as a teenager he did work for Miss Kitty's Saloon at Opryland. I wish that were a joke. But two things I'd like to dispel right away. In my everyday life I see no one wearing cowboy hats. I've never even owned a cowboy hat or a pair of boots. And yes, we wear shoes. Once I had someone in all seriousness tell me how surprised that everyone here had on shoes. Really?
For the call back Jay & I left the kids with his mom. His dad dropped us off in front of the Hilton. Because CMA Music Fest is going on right now (loads of tourist wearing cowboy hats and boots). Finding parking would be nightmare. He wanted the company but I wasn't allowed beyond a certain point. Therefore I was left to my own devises in the Hilton. I found a rooftop deck overlooking one of the stages. I didn't know the band but it was a pretty cool vantage point. I'll attach pics.
We'll get a postcard in couple weeks letting us know if he made the "contestant pool." Jay says he doesn't really care if he makes the show, he was just happy that he passed the test and got a call back. That's enough for him.

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Michele said...

That's awesome! How cool! I cant wait to hear whether or not you'll get a postcard!

I laughed my butt off at the shoes comment. Because I run around barefoot all the time, Peter is always teasing me that southerns dont wear shoes. It's so funny. Most asked question by yanks: "do you like country music?" 2nd most asked "what kind of cowboy hat did you wear growing up?" Nice.... Do I look like I wrangled cattle as a kid??? I grew up in Nashville for goodness sakes, not BFE Texas.