Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Verizon Argument

Every month I receive a text message letting me know how much my monthly cell phone bill is because I have it automatically deducted. Usually its the same thing every month. Today the text revealed it was $100 higher. Why? I go online and my usual $5 a month web access was replaced by "megabyte usage." What the hell? I call Verizon and Joe from India initially tells me its for downloads. I know Jay & he didnt download 48 different applications/games, whatever. If he downloaded anything it was a golf game. And I know for a fact that I didn't either and the charges were on my number as well. So the guy types some more and confirms, as I already knew it was for accessing the web. What happened to my $5 a month, per phone, mobile web? It isnt anywhere to be found. He tells me it is for email. Oh no. I go off. I try to be nice on the phone. But to sit there and tell me that I selected an item called mobile web and it's for email is absurd. I demand his manager and he tries to sell me an unlimited access pack for $15 a month- per phone. I didnt ask to be sold another product I want the one I signed up for to begin with. After about twenty minutes of back-n- forth I go online and find on their website a blurb about $5 a month mobile web. He then tells me its not available for my nation wide calling plan. Then why was I allowed to select it when I upgraded my phone two months ago? Basically he then said to me, "I'm sorry for your confusion." I was unable to speak. My blood pressure was prob through the roof. I hung up on him. Otherwise I could of been really ugly.
It dawned on me that Jay upgraded his phone the next month. I bet he did something unknowingly. I called him & asked if he changed our calling plan. He said he didnt do anything knowingly. It seemed like they changed something but he couldnt recall what. He was working. Of course, he was upset when I told him why I was asking. He said I should have taken them up on the $15 thing and asked them to credit the rest and then cancelled it all next month. I told them he could call later and deal with it. I'm too exhausted. I want to throw up. It's amazing how outrage can be tiring. I went and lay down on the couch trying to stave off a brewing headache. The kids had been playing in the kitchen the whole time and have strewn 200 wooden blocks everywhere. But I dont care at the moment. I'm laying there and WC comes up and tells me I need to come see what he built. "It's cool." So I get up and go in there. He's built a small castle out of blocks. He's beginning to get three dimensional with his buildings- it's fun to witness the growth. He told me the castle had legs. And when I asked if it were going to walk off he looked at me like I was crazy. "No, it's made out of blocks and they're not real." I never know where imagination ends and reality begins anymore. The next hour the thing could be galloping all over the kitchen.
I went back to lay down and next thing I know, WC's looking down at me smiling. And the next minute- for unknown reasons- he's trying to lick me and I'm trying to keep him from doing so. We're giggling and wrestling and I'm trying to get him to lick my foot and he's shrieking.
Ya know- life is good after all.

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Michele said...

I think I would have gone ballistic on the verizon guy. That is so not cool- at all!!!