Monday, June 1, 2009

In Every Child's Life...Sometimes He Must Fall

Saturday morning we were aroused from a peaceful sleep by a loud thud and CJ crying. We jumped from the bed and ran- I pushed Jay because he wasn't moving fast enough-even though the boys room is directly across the hall. We found CJ standing in his bedroom floor in hysterics. CJ still slept in a crib. He managed to clib out and fall. I don't think he fell on his head. He was standing too quickly. Luckily his cries were more frightened sounding than in pain. I scooped him up and took him to the rocker to examine him. He was trembling but didnt appear to have any additional bumps or bruises than what he went to bed with. I rocked him for several minutes until he calmed down. Then he wanted a pop tart. What a way to start the day. I'd known that we would need to convert the crib to a daybed this summer- like most things it happened sooner than I'd like. But with the danger of him scaling the rail it was time and Jay immediately removed the crib rail after CJ was deemed uninjured by his attempt at gaining freedom. It seems that WC had gotten out of bed and left the bedroom, CJ called for us a couple times and when we didnt respond- took matters into his own little hands. He was delighted to later find his bed without the rail and he climbed into and out of on his own. I was nervous- how would we ever keep him in it now? However I'm happy to report he napped in it on Saturday without incident. Even though he can get in by himself he wants to me to pick him up and place him in his bed.
Sunday morning I woke to CJ gripping my finger and pulling with the announcement, "I want." It was 5:40 a.m. Oh the joys of not being able to confine him to a crib. Of course the want is a pop tart. This morning Jay tells me to come to the boys room and I go in and CJ isn't in his bed. He's across the room, asleep on the floor next to WC's bed. He has his security blanket covering his legs.I couldnt decide between whether the scene was pitiful looking or sweet. It wont be long until he's climbing into bed with his big brother.
This wasnt the first time that CJ has fallen out of the bed. It was the first time he had intent on breaking out though. While I sat in the chair holding him, it took me back to when he was an infant. He'd just started grabbing the rail to pull up and Jay needed to lower the mattress. This is how it goes with infants one day you could leave the rail down and nothing would happen. The next morning the rail down and the baby grabs the rail and pulls himself up & over the side. The crib was still in our room at the time and I was in the bathroom and heard a thud. I go into the bathroom to discover my baby on the floor, flat on his back, completely still and quiet. Jay had changed CJ's diaper and walked off forgetting that he needed to put that rail back up. It takes me a moment to process what has happened. I snatch CJ up off the floor and he finally begins to scream. I'm looking at him- feeling him from head to toe for bumps, bruises or any sign of anything gone wrong. He appeared totally unscathed. In minutes after he calmed down was crawling around the house like nothing had happened. I'm frantic on the inside but have always made a point to not overreact. I try to react appropriately to illness or injury. I also refrained from ripping Jay a new one. I could have too...I was ticked. There's nothing like than instinct in a mom. The gut reaction to protect your baby and maim anything that causes that child pain. But I knew he felt awful and no point in me adding to that. It wouldnt help the situation or change it. I left a message with his pediatricians office (because of the lack of anything appearing physically wrong I didnt rush to the ER). But I keep watching him while waiting on the call from dr. which only took like 5 min. We discuss what happened and how he was behaving at that moment. He didnt appear to be in any pain & I couldnt find anything obviously wrong. So she goes over with me what to watch for and we had to monitor him for symptoms of concussion for three days (the whole weekend). I remember we had to disturb him in his sleep for several nights. We didnt have to wake him up- but make sure he stirred. At that time I went into working feeling like I should have been more vigilant. But then everyone around me had stories of either themselves tumbling down stairs when they were about CJ's age or their own children scooting off the parent bed or something similar to what happened. So I guess it's all just apart of the parenthood/childhood experience. It's a good thing they're sturdier than they look.
*Happy Birthday, Nick.

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Michele said...

o my goodness- CJ is like me as a kid. bumped and bruised! active kid! by the time I married, I use to joke that I'd broken one of every bone.

The image of CJ on the floor next to WC's bed... so cute! adorable!