Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ever notice how some people always seem to have drama follow them? My sister is one of those people. At twenty three her life can be characterized as there's always something wrong. As a teen she stayed injured and there was always something medically wrong. She's had numerous allergic reactions, illnesses, concussions, sprains, strains, aches, rashes, you name it. Then there's the revolving door of boyfriends- or parade of human crap. She's been engaged two or three times, bought and sold one unused wedding dress. The last guy had to be worse so far-she was never engaged to him. She got pregnant and the first thing out of his mouth was that he didn't want it. Then she miscarried. They lived together then he kicked her out. She lived with me. Then he begged her back and she went. Less than a year later he "wanted space." and kicked her out again. Yet they kept dating. She moved back in with my parents and began a program for dental assistant degree. On Valentines day she took a present to her "boyfriends" house to leave for him because he was "working." While in the house she began to notice things that she'd left behind when she moved out were missing. Eventually she found them all boxed up in the basement next to the back door. Fast Forward to May- she graduates her dental assisting program and begins to date a new guy. Seems like things are going full speed ahead in a good direction this time. But NO, now our own father is off his rocker. For some reason he has it in his head that she is not trying to get a job (hello...economy?). Unfortunately when dad decides that something is true nothing we can do will change his mind. I once witnessed him grill my orthodontist for a half an hour because he knew my receding gum line was due to the braces and the doc just wouldn't admit it.
Last night I get call from my mom asking if my sis has shown up at my house. At that moment, no. She tells me that sis and dad had a huge blowup over this job thing. Now her dental assisting program we thought was supposed to help w/ job placement but my sis says all they did was help her put together a resume and give her a pat on the back and that was it. So dad calls the school and chews out someone in the career center for not doing their job and finding her a job. Now she's 23 and this is just creepy that he's calling and anyone told him anything. But he insists since he's the one who paid for her education that they talk to him. He was told by whomever he spoke with that she told them that she was "happy w/ her current job and not looking for another one." Which she maintains is a totally false statement. And on this point I tend to side with her. I'm thinking that who ever he was chewing out just told him that to get the crazy man off the phone. Because he will not accept any answer than the one he already believes to be true. When moms on the phone with me I can hear him yelling this story behind her. I'm questioning why anyone at the school would speak to him about her, she's not a minor.
About ten after nine last night she came through my door in tears. I'd only wished she'd been about five minutes later then WC would have been in bed. We were finished with stories and about to go brush teeth when she blew through the door. Then I had to answer, "Why is aunt Cat crying?"
I ushered him to the bathroom without answering initially. He kept asking. So I just ponied up the truth. "She and papa had an argument. She's upset now. But everything will be fine." I couldn't think of anything else. He accepted the answer and went on with brushing.
With WC tucked in I went to the kitchen to console her. She was still crying and complained that she couldn't even paint her toe nails in peace. He came into her room specifically to yell and fuss at her for not having a job (in the dental field she does work weekends for a new age book store). Every time he sees her he harps on the job thing. She can't get a moments quiet about it when he's around. I told her what he'd said about them telling him that she didn't want to find one. She said she was going down to the school today to speak with them about that. So we'll see. It really is beyond time for her to move out of their house. Since she learned to talk her and dad couldn't be in the same room by themselves longer than five minutes without fighting. It's just magnified here lately. It's not like she's been out of school for years and still hasn't gotten a job. It's been about a month- maybe. She's not always been the most reliable or motivated person but this time I think she needs some slack.
I'm hoping and praying that a job for her will come about soon and she can get out of my parents house, into an apartment of her own and get on with becoming an adult. Of course, knowing her, it will be full of drama. She should have her own reality show.

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Michele said...

oh goodness... poor girl... dad's a tad rough on her, i think... of course, she does have a history and i'm sure if you hear his story he'd tell you he's had enough. but it's a bad situation all around.

fingers crossed that she gets a job soon!