Monday, June 8, 2009

Night Running

Last night CJ rolled out of his bed. He's been sleeping in the crib converted to daybed for over a week without incident. Until last night. You can imagine, or recall from experience, being awakened by hitting the floor- not pleasant. He's half a sleep and angry. I get him tucked back in and after a few minutes he calms down into sleep. Then my fun begins. Normally I do not have any trouble falling asleep. Nor do I usually remember any dreams. When I finally fall asleep I find myself in a Walmart type of establishment. However the clothes or other shelved items do not have any detail to them. I'm walking along an aisle behind my friend, Marie. I'm holding a rosary and reciting the Lords Prayer. Jolted from my sleep by CJ crying I go to his room & he's standing in the middle of the floor- holding his blanket & crying. I return him to his bed, cover him up and then cover up a sound asleep WC before returning to my bed. In my awake mind I realize I'd been praying the Lords Prayer on the beads for the Hail Mary's- in my dream. That was odd.
Asleep again I find Marie and Myself at work, but it isnt our current place of employment. It's a large but sparse place. Coral colored marble floors and wall to one side, everything very slick & shiny. The other side of me in the corridor is a clear glass railing. The other side of the railing plummets down to the ground floor many stories below. We are aware that we are in danger- we're walking fast from someone. I realize that I dont have my purse and shoes. But I am carrying three magazines entitled  Traditional Home- a home design magazine we have in our kitchen at work in reality. We descend the marble staircase towards the doors. When we get there we run into a group of "higher ups." And we sit down on the floor, up against a wall next to the door leading outside. The group of upper management people are all whispering. And in walks the big boss- I have no idea how I know who these people are because in reality I don't. And he says something to them and one of them looks in our direction and wants to conference in a room away from the "underlings." But for some reason the boss declares that they need to go on and evacuate the building immediately. At this point Marie and I are standing and we're surrounded by a crowd of co-workers attempting to exit the building. A guy I went to high school with- havent seen since- is standing next to me and having a fit over my home design magazines & wants to borrow them when I'm finished. We all begin to funnel out of the building and for some strange reason I then decide I need to go back for my purse and shoes. I begin to fight my way back through the crowd into the building I've been trying to get out of. CJ crying brings me back to reality. I check on him & he's crying in his sleep.
Back into dreamland I travel and again I'm in the same marble building as before. This time however, WC is with me. And this time we are being attacked by what appeared to be your standard child. Maybe an 8-9 year old boy. I have never seen this child before. But I am convinced he's evil and I have to defend WC and myself from him. And he's coming at us from the other side of that glass railing- we're several flights up and I'm not sure how he's able to do this. I keep trying to push him off the glass railing and keep him away from WC. He's laughing as I try to knock him down.
Thankfully I am then awakened by the real WC climbing in bed between Jay & myself. One minute before my alarm was set to go off.
I'm exhausted I feel like I've been running all night. If this is what my dreams are usually about I'm glad I dont remember them.

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Michele said...

dont you hate it when you are so awake in your dreams that you dont get any rest! that sucks! recently, I havent been remembering any dreams and have actually gotten some restorative sleep- perhaps I stole it from you. I'll give it back so you can get some rest and I can have Daniel Craig back, LOL. :)

Poor CJ. It's got to be tough getting used to not having walls around you. Jimmy rolled off the bed when he was a kid and my mom had to put pillows on the floor around his bed so he wouldnt hurt himself. Eventually, he got the hang of sleeping without falling. Funny, though, as an adult, I still sometimes wake up hanging off the bed (this is non-pregnant; pregnant, I rarely move. It's too hard!)