Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of my favorite times of the day is in the evening. After dinner is over and the children have their bath. I dress CJ in his pajama's (WC dresses himself then runs off to do his own thing) and we sit in the same rocking chair that I fed him and his brother in when they were small babies. CJ has grown accustomed to our routine and when I ask him if he is ready to read his stories he dutifully grabs his comfort blankets and runs to my bedroom. He sits in my lap while I read him two stories- his favorite is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton. And I generally alternate the other story between another Boyton book or something else. He really likes Goodnight Moon as well. After I finish his stories we just sit there for a few minutes rocking back and forth. I gently place my cheek on the side of his forehead so I can feel his skin against mine and close my eyes. Any other time of the day, he would jump down and run off- like most active toddlers with a world to explore. But not now. We just sit there together & rock back-n-forth. A funny thing happens. No matter what else has gone on that day, how many tantrums he's thrown, how frustrated he (or anyone else) has made me- I feel all that drain away in those few minutes. I'm truly as peaceful as I've ever been. When I tuck him into his crib and cover him with his favorite blanket- he looks up at me with a smile and says, "luss you." (love you). Somehow that moment, makes it all worthwhile.

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Michele said...

I remember swinging on the swing with my mom as a little girl, back and forth, while she read books like "the giving tree" and "i'll love you forever".

The rocking chair in our nursery has gotten a lot of rocking and reading to the babies in utero. I look forward to doing with them on the outside.