Friday, March 20, 2009

How Could I Argue With the Logic?

Usually our morning routine involves Jay dressing the children for day while I make the breakfasts and lunches for everyone so we can all get out of the door. In the past I have silently questioned some of Jay’s wardrobe parings for the children. And recently WC has begun to choose his own clothes and unless weather inappropriate I pretty much overlook the fact he doesn’t match. But this morning Jay brings CJ into the living room wearing a shirt that swallows him whole. Then the following exchange occurred:
“What is he wearing?”
“Well, it’s a 4T.”
“It’s, WC’s.”
“But it was in his drawer.”
How can you argue with someone who puts a shirt on a child, sees that his hands don’t come out of the sleeves and still doesn’t change the shirt and thinks because it was in his drawer is a valid reason? To top it off the shirt has paint stains that won’t come out on it and I’m fairly certain that it was the pile to get rid of. How it wandered into CJ’s drawer…I have two guesses. And the icing on the cake of the baby in the oversized shirt is- that the pants don’t match and when he sits down come to about the middle of his shins.

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Michele said...

I absolutely love it. That is freaking priceless.