Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Little Crazy

WC climbed in the car the other evening when I picked him from day camp and half way down the road, out of the blue, he announced:
"I got a bead stuck up my nose today."
Me: "What?!?"
"Oh, don't worry, they got it out."
Me still really confused why a six year old is sticking stuff in his nostrils: "Why?!"
"I got a little crazy today."
I drop the conversation, because, what can I really say to that?
Yesterday he brought it up again.
"You remember when I got a bead stuck up my nose at camp?"
Me: "I recall the story...You know you aren't supposed to stick things in there, right?"
"I was putting this yellow bead in my nose and blowing it out seeing how far I could make it fly across the table. And when I inhaled I sucked it up and the teacher had to use a pen cap and gloves to get it."
Me: "Please tell me this wasn't during lunch."
Sometimes it really is best not to ask for details.
Incidentally the bead that was being used as a nasal projectile was awarded for good behavior. I'm guessing they didn't revoke it because they really didn't want the bead back...I wouldn't.

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Michele said...

Wow... WC never fails to crack me up... Ever.