Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom Makes Plans...God Laughs.

Friday morning I was all excited. A mere four hours of work, lunch with hubby, a well check up for the three year old and I was on my way to one week of freedom from the 9-5er. Then CJ woke up. Unlike WC & myself, he is a morning person. He hits the ground reving his little engine and he's off.
Except this morning...he laid there like a slug. And I knew...
He left with Jay, as normal and I wondered and worried. When will the call come?
When I arrived at work I called the daycare to let them know I would be there early in the afternoon to take him to the dr. I asked how he was doing because he wasn't himself that morning. And God- love them. The morning girl had noticed the same thing and had taken his temp- 99. He was simply wandering around the room looking lost. They would keep me posted. Poor baby.
On my way down the interstate to meet Jay for lunch, they called. 100.2- still not high enough to warrant a pick up, but they knew he would be leaving at 1:30 anyway. He was napping.
I called the pediatrician to see if they would still see him. They would, except if he was due a shot then I'd have to bring him back.
He was still asleep when I arrived- his security blanket in hand. She woke him up and he crawled into my arms and lay limp on my shoulder.
There are many pros and cons to the doctor office train set. And CJ's love of trains brought them all screaming to the forefront. He didn't want to leave the trains, for him that was why he was there. He asked about them in the car on the drive. He was pissed when it was our turn. If I could have had a dime for every time he told the nurse, 'no', 'stop it', 'don't touch me' or 'I want the train'. I'd be a wealthy woman. She commented on how she'd cut him slack for being challenging because he isn't feeling well. Oh, you poor delusional woman, this child is a challenge when he feels well and pretty damn close to impossible when ill. We never could get his hearing checked- but trust me there's not an issue there. He hears perfectly fine- what he wants to.
He wasn't any easier with the doctor. I was so sick of hearing about the stupid trains by the time she arrived I was ready to jam the tongue depressors into my ears and take out my ear drums.
After the examination she decided that she wanted to swab his throat- it was very red. Assume the position- which is fairly similar to giving a cat a pill except we don't wrap the child in the blanket- but now that I think about it. It's a fairly disturbing scene to the non parent. Hold child in lap, wrap leg around his (to keep him from kicking the dr), one arm wrapped around his waist to secure both of his and one hand on his forehead to hold his head back against my chest. There was my exercise for the day. After the swab she let us return to waiting area and the much heard about train set to wait while the culture developed. CJ now happy. Me very, very worried about the results of the swab. And of course the receptionist announced that we needed to return to our room due to the fact the culture was positive for strep. Are you *&^%$ kidding me! I'm starting my vacation! Strep!  ARGH!

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