Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland...

So, Thursday night when they closed the public schools before a single snowflake fell, I laughed. Cynical, I said to myself: "Here's another wasted day." Friday morning the radar showed a significant looking system headed our way. They were stating that we should begin to see snow fall by noon. I decided to go on and get my errands out of the way that morning: a stop at the new liquor store for a bottle of zinfandel for a new beef stew recipe (called in the lovely lady working that morning who would have a bottle ready at the counter so I didn't have to drag 'crash & oops' through the store); then off the Great Clips for a hair cut for shaggy little CJ; finally to the grocery store for the weekly food supply. When I arrived at the liquor store the sleet had started to fall & the radio DJ's were now stating the roads were expected to become bad in the next two hours & also that this was the kind of storm we see once every 7-10 years here...great. But at least all stops were within a few miles of our home.

By the time we arrived home from our morning errands 10:30:
Around eleven Jay called and said they were closing down the shop. He would stop and pick up lunch and be home. Two hours later when arrived home without lunch and bit shaken up. He'd caught an ice patch while changing lanes on the interstate and whirled a complete 360 around in the middle coming to a rest on the left side of the road. By the grace of God no one was around and he was able to continue home. It snowed for the rest of Friday. Around three Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of sleet hitting the window.

Saturday morning we found an inch or more of ice covering the snow. If it were up my kids they'd freeze to death before they would willingly come in out of this:

The ice on our trees & plants:

This is an amount of snow that neither of the kids have seen before. They loved it. They were able to use the homemade sled again.

At one point I was concerned Jay was
having a heart attack out there. But

they were just having fun

CJ's little feet didnt even break the ice that covered the ground:

All wiped out at the end of the day.
It's been a long weekend. Today we are still at home. Jay went off to work after the sun came up. Schools are closed. But with a high temp today of 45. I'm grateful that will melt away today.

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