Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know it's been too long since my last post. My absence has not been
on purpose. A re-org of my department at work, a new project & a
series of illnesses (both kids & myself) left me w/ little time or
energy to post. Not that there aren't stories to share. There are
always stories when there are children around. Tonight as I drove WC
to karate class I quizzed him on his spelling words-10 three letter
words w/ the short "a" sound. That's the way the past week has been- a
constant stream of go-go until my body revolted w/ cold or allergies.
I felt like hell starting on Thursday. Missed all my workouts since.
Once i finally sit down at night i fall asleep. Then CJ became a human
version of Old Faithfull. I haven't seen so much liquid come out of
something so small since he was a newborn w/ reflux. Thankfully, it
only lasted 24 hours. He seems fine today. Jay stayed home w/ him and
got the rare treat of spending time alone w/ him. They ordered pizza.
So here I sit. WC is in karate class. I'm alone, it's quiet. There's a
rare moment to collect my thoughts. The problem is that I don't know
what to think first. So if this post is a bit disjointed. My apologies.
A woman sits down the row from me fussing that she's having trouble
typing on her laptop. How about tapping out your thoughts solely w/
your index finger for some perspective?
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a moment to compose a proper story entry

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Michele said...

Poor C!!! Hope your house is a little less germy and a lot healthier!! :)