Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Their Idea of Quiet

Last night, the boys were freshly washed and running through the house in their little pj's. I was trying to scarf down a slice of deep dish pizza (which I find gross-who needs three inches worth of crust a scant amount of sauce and topping that costs them 3 gazillion calories- but this was not my idea). before I read them their bedtime stories. The race track was down the hall through the living area, into the kitchen, circle the table and back again. Over and over. I gave them a project to slice up their own banana's and eat the chunks. Basically it was a short pit-stop. It took them like five minutes to each eat a whole banana and split another. CJ started to cough. Then Jay spoke up. "Boys sit down and find something quiet to do."
Their idea of quiet was to get the Nerf gun, load the magazine with foam darts, sit at one end of the kitchen and rapid fire them across the room. BOYS.