Monday, March 26, 2012

The Trouble With Being the Younger One

He merrily stomped his way down the muddy path. The rest of us were in a group, taking a tour, but CJ was yards head of the group. Not a clue where he was or where he should go, still not content to follow.

My concern grew that he’d barrel off the path into the trees and he did. The brush, up to nearly his knees did not deter him. But the thought he’d disturb a snake or a spider or pick up a tick led me to leave the group to retrieve my concrete headed four year old who can’t see the possibility something might go wrong. No knowledge that the early warm temperatures might bring these woodland critters out. All he knew was it felt good- he loved the wind and freedom.

Until Mom grabbed him by the arm and issued a warning of having him go back and wait inside the building and brought his freedom to a halt.

Even then, he ended up playing with the tour guide and racing her. His constant need to be in the lead is still a mystery- is it rooted in his SPD or his stubborn nature? Maybe a bit of both.

We toured the prospective camp where WC will possibly spend the first week or two of summer vacation. But you’d think this was something for CJ. While CJ is at the first in line our more reserved WC is bringing up the rear.

The boys went to the car while I had a conversation with the camps director.

Back in the car I discovered a very unhappy CJ and inquired what was going on.

Seems he was unhappy because he discovered it was not him who would be attending camp.

I attempted to explain that he was still too young.

He folded his arms across his chest and huffed. “You’re fired.” He angrily exclaimed.

“Who is,” I asked in amusement.

“Both of you,” he shot back.

I shrugged. “It doesn’t matter who your parents are. You’re still going to be too young right now.”

He huffed and grumbled until the sights of a horse standing on the side of road urinating made him forget his troubles.

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Michele said...

Wait? They can fire us? SWEET!!! CANT WAIT for that day to happen. (I'm being a smart ass here... The second Maya learns that her husband-to-be can fire his parents will be the day that I am fired... I just know it!)

After a good, but tiring, speech therapy today, I can sympathize with trying to figure otu WTF is going on.