Thursday, March 10, 2011

Making P17 Unreachable

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 If you have ever had to have P17 shots to prevent preterm labor and give your baby a fighting chance then sit up and take notice. If you haven't, then consider yourself lucky and know that someone else you know has. There is probably a child in your life, that you love, who is here with the help of this drug. Now a pharmaceutical company may make this dream out of reach by raising the price per dosage to unattainable price for most people.  I would hope that insurance compies will also take issue with this- since more children will be born premature and have to endure longer NICU stays at a greater cost to the insurance company than just a shot. Everyone else will pay a price for K-V Pharmaceuticals to make more money.


Michele said...

THANK YOU for sharing this! I cant wait to blast this company with letters and emails, and getting the word out will help!

Terri Jones said...

No problem. This really angers me. It's important for people to know about! Thanks for letting me know.