Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I Need a Padded Room

I’m going straight to hell. Do not pass go; do not collect $200 straight to hell. Let me tell you why. It’s because my 3 year old is crazy. Now with his change from the daycare to the preschool, I have to take him with us when WC goes to scouts. We meet in a local Baptist church. On normal weekly meetings, we are all divided up by group in the Sunday school classrooms. And CJ fits right in with other boys. He isn’t aware that he is little. Once a month, they have what they call a “pack meeting” it’s where all the boys regardless of their level meet together. We hold these meetings in the sanctuary of the church. There we are in the pews where others come to worship The Lord. Being in the youngest level, our boys sit in the first pew. We’re right there upfront- there’s the stage with preacher’s pulpit right in the middle and choir loft behind him. Off the stage, on the floor in front of the pulpit is the altar where they prepare to serve the Lords Supper (or Communion).

CJ’s there was bouncing around like a cat being electrocuted. Then he began to work his way closer and closer to the stage. I make him return to his seat, only to find him being drawn to the stage again a minute later. Then he’s stomping up and down the stairs….then he’s on the stage. It is time for WC’s group to get on stage and sing a song. I’m now trying to coerce WC to get on the stage & coerce CJ to get off of the stage. Will each of you, please do the freaking thing that you are supposed to do!

CJ stops begins to stomp closer to the end of the stage while I’m still on the first pew motioning for him to come on and pushing WC to get on the stage. I turn my attention to WC for a moment only to look up in time to see CJ had taken off running and leapt off the stage, twisting himself sideways to land- belly flop onto their altar- knocking a cross to the floor while yelling “WHEEEEE!”

There is an explosion of laughter from the pew of boys behind me. And I imagine looks of horrified judgment from the other parents in the room- I didn’t turn around to see. I grab CJ by one arm and leg and pull him from the altar and in one motion sit him sternly back into his seat. He wouldn’t look up at me.

On a positive note- WC did very well in the song. He got up there and faced the audience and made an effort to do the song. I’m proud of him.

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Michele said...

It's bad that I'm laughing right now... I know it is... I know it will hit me 10 fold... But damn, is that funny!