Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures in Finding a Modeling Agency

Yesterday WC & I had our meeting with the modeling/talent agency. It almost didn’t happen because I couldn’t find the friggin place. I found the building. But their name wasn’t on it anywhere. It’s off of 12th Ave next to I-40. The area is sort of an island in that it is a safe place to be but it is surrounded by very undesirable areas. There’s a refurbished area of new brightly colored townhomes and things there. The agency is in the other part of Yazoo Brewing Company. Which I didn’t recognize the address but have been there to watch my friend, Neil’s band play. It’s an old car factory and I’m talking early car here. I love the building and think it’s cool. Jay describes it as “charming in the bombed out WWII sort of way.”
There we are parked in a gravel lot next to this building. I figure the place isn’t in the far end of the building where Yazoo is so I chose the door in the center of the building and we walk in. WC's cowering behind me- convinced this place is haunted. And I’m looking at the directory on the wall and there are several companies listed- but not the one I was looking for. So we go back outside and I choose the next door down & go in. And there we stand in a hallway lined w/ unmarked doors. Damned if I’m going to just start trying pull any of these open-this is how horror flicks start. Back outside again. This time I see a guy coming out the first door we went in & he’s carrying a trash bag. It doesn’t appear to have any body parts in it so I ask him where the agency is. He tells me it’s up the stairs next to a radio station office. So we go back in the first door and up the creepiest set of stairs to another unmarked door. I’m pissed. I pull open the door- WC poised behind me ready to haul ass back down those stairs. But there was a very nice, shiny hardwood floor hallway lined with doors that had signs of businesses. So we found it and the first thing I said to the pretty boy behind the desk was how difficult it was finding the place. He just looks up at me and goes, “We get that a lot. You should have called. I could have helped.” My first thought was to pick up the phone on his desk and hit him in his pretty little face with it. But, of course, I didn’t. If my life were a sitcom this would be the daydream point where the screen goes all wiggly then a scene that shows me slamming a phone into the side of his head repeatedly plays until the boy snaps me back into reality by clearing his throat or saying, "ma'am?". My cell phone had died from using the navigation system on it to get there and I couldn't have called anyone. I wasn’t announcing the fact I was without cell phone. It was hotter than hell in that office (I think but I still could have been pissed off) but I guess it’s hard to temp regulate a building that was built shortly after the dawn of time.
If being completely un-intimidated by new place/people is a requirement for child modeling than WC has that down. While we were waiting he strolled around that office like he owned the place and informed the guy behind the desk (in a disapproving tone) that there were no toys there. Then we went back and talked to two girls (mid-20’s I guess). And he went right on in there like he’d been there a million times. He hopped up on the couch and rolled around- feet in the air- and talked away. I neglected to bring more photos with me, which she asked me to email her. They will look those over and look at their client list also. They only take on so many of each type (5 yr old, blond hair, blue eye, Caucasian male). And if they feel they could use him then they will let me know the next step. I left with three pages of stuff to read: FAQ, policies and casting process. After reading over that I had a couple questions that I emailed her this morning. I need to gather some other photos to email her. I may take some new ones. I sent his info to two other companies as well. I wish I would hear from one of them because I would like to have something to compare it to. Will we pursue this? I haven't decided...

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Michele said...

I'm not surprised in the least that he owned the place! He's a riot to hang out with and is adorable to boot. Can't wait to hear about Adventures part 2!