Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Years

CJ will turn two years old on Saturday. It's been an amazing two years. Time is now travelling at a speed that breaks the sound barrier. Two years ago he was due on May 30th. but my OB had decided to take him on May 23rd. Rewind back to the beginning of the pregnancy at my first OB appointment where they draw the gallon jug of blood and run every test your insurance will allow they discovered that my body viewed my baby as a foreign entity and was mounting defenses to attack. In short my blood cells are missing something called "big c" and this is rare-according to them. So every month at my visit they drew more blood to check the titer level. As long as this level stayed below a certain number that meant the antibodies were not crossing the placenta. So I every month I had a mini nervous breakdown waiting for the results. And I read everything I could find online about blood until my eyes crossed and my head went numb. There was nothing that I could do to fix it. But I the grace of God we were making it to the finish line. Then May 15th. The night before my next OB appointment, Jay decided to cook hamburgers on the outside grill. He phoned while I was on my way home that he didnt have enough charcoal and wanted me to stop and pick some up (he already had a fire going & didnt want to leave it). Me being 9 months pregnant with a baby's head shoved into my pelvic region didnt care to stop and drag WC into a store- but I did. We finally made it home. He retrieved the bag of charcoal from my car (sure as hell not carrying it in) and went back to the deck. A few minutes later Jay appears in the kitchen running in circles, turning on the sink, grabbing a glass & yelling something about getting a bucket. I look out the door and realize there are flames that are not contained in the grill and I look at him and yell "get the hose." It was sitting right next to the back deck (duh). So off he goes & puts it out. Finally I get the story, smarty pants decided to pour new charcoal from the bag into the flames already going in the grill...a spark jumps up and ignites the paper bag the charcoal comes in which then goes up in flames in his arms & he drops the entire bag right on the wooden back deck (oh yeah...I couldnt make this stuff up). Luckily, when it was all swept away the sealer on the deck protected it- it didnt even leave a scorch mark or anything. So I decide (since I cant have booze) to make myself a milkshake. I get the blender loaded with milk and ice cream then my hand slips and turns the machine on (sans lid). I hear the whirl of the motor but in a half a second the contents of the blender flies everywhere- coats me, the counter, cabinets, floor... As my dad later pointed out I could have bought a hamburger, fries and milkshake for a lot less hassle.
The next morning at my OB appointment they discover my blood pressure was through the roof. They sent me to the hospital next door for "monitoring." But my blood pressure never would stabilize- not even with medication. At 10:29 pm my little CJ entered the world via c-section.

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Michele said...

Oh, he's 2! Wow, the time has flown!

As funny as the story wasnt as it was going on (re: your last dinner at home pre CJ's birth), I have to admit, it is funny as all get out now. :)