Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bathroom

This post is inspired by the blog posting of my friend, Michele. Her little daughter is right on time for that wonderful separation anxiety that all little ones go through at one point or another. While I have over the years found having an audience when I go to the room I considered private in my pre-child days a bit taxing at times- especially during that delicate "woman time". WC, on the other hand, found a whole new usefulness when his little brother gained mobility. He's managed to turn the toilet room into their clubhouse of sorts. They haul toys in there and settle in, sometimes he sends his little brother out for something he's decided he wants to play with. It isn't uncommon for me to hear, "I have to go potty. Come on CJ, grab that Bakugon and come on." I find myself grilling him on whether he's actually still "doing something" or just sitting there.
One afternoon I sat in front of the computer and I heard Tom and Jerry enter the bathroom, didn't think a thing about it. When I came out of the office, I was faced with the scene that is pictured above. They'd gotten into the fridge pulled out the leftover bread sticks and marinara sauce and there they were. WC sitting on the toilet and being the "responsible" one holding the sauce while he & CJ dipped the bread sticks in. This one really icked me out.

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Michele said...

I laughed so hard that now I have to go potty!