Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Drought Has Ended

For the past several weeks I have had writer's block. I've come down to the last portion of my novel and lost my way from the middle leading up to the ending. I know how it ends. But how do I get there? With the multitude of different stresses in my life coming from everywhere, when I sat down for lunch- my brief 30 minute writing window, nothing would come. So I spent some time avoiding the situation. Then on the advice of a friend I wrote part of the ending that I knew. It didn't have to be in order, just put something down on paper (the screen). He also challenged me that I was afraid to end the novel. But reassured me that with revision, I was far from done. I don't really believe that I am afraid to finish it. Maybe for a minute. But I'm ready. And I'm back! It's flowing again! I left work Monday, so elated. Some how I was whole again. I've been using every chance I get here to work more on the story- hence my lack of blogging about the kids. But rest assure they are still nuts. I will have more coming up.  I still have quite a bit more to go through before I can say I'm done with my rough draft but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

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