Monday, April 5, 2010

Rest In Peace, Chocolate Rabits.

Last night my home looked like the Easter Bunny's house exploded all over my kitchen/living area- bits of plastic eggs, cheap toys and bits candy. A sick cat behind the recliner.  WC was vibrating and his asthma began acting up from the two days outside exposed to the blooming plants of spring. I had to give him his nebulizer which is putting two stimulant medications on top. I thought he might actually launch himself into space for a while.  CJ passed out in a sugar coma in the car had to be carried in; he crashed on the sofa & resembled a walking fly trap. Their little pores began oozing sugar a couple hours before and not because I think they're sweet. I left him on couch from about 4:45 until 7:30 when I changed him into his pj's right there. The bottom half was a cinch- he didn't even stir. The trick was getting his sweater vest off over his head. Which he did stir and fuss briefly but with Jay's assistance we had the pj shirt on in a matter of seconds and I carried him back to his bed where he slept soundlessly until 6 this morning. It had been an long, exciting weekend for him. Between eggs hunts, church and family gatherings and more candy heaped on any two children than should be allowed by law (by other people). I sent a grocery bag full with Jay to work today- they leave a candy bucket out for customers. The "Bunny" that visits our home leaves very little candy and a few other treats- Nerf football and some art supplies. We discuss the religious reason for Easter, which has nothing to do with sugar coated sugar. I'm afraid this year I wasn't as successful in keeping the real reason in the foreground. In all the go-go-go and melted chocolate bunnies I may have gotten lost and not just in the heaping mountain of laundry that I had to do last night. I don't recall ever having a more chaotic Easter my whole life, it was non-stop. 
I managed to kill three chocolate bunnies. I went shopping for their Bunny gifts a few weeks back and left the items in the car. Then it hit 70 degrees here and for some reason it never dawned on me. Until Saturday evening. I open the trunk and the two small hollow chocolate bunnies look like a Picasso painting. The little eyes and face smeared across cellophane. Not pretty. So, I was on the way to the grocery and picked up a couple more small .99 cent hollow bunnies. Sunday morning before we went to church they managed to split one of them. The second remained on the kitchen table- in front of our west-facing back door and window. When we arrived home last night- it was nothing but a puddle of chocolate with floating candy eyes in the bottom of the box. Jay decided to pour the chocolate into one of the plastic eggs & put in the fridge. I'll see tonight how that turned out.

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Michele said...

How sad is this... I would have eaten them... ;)