Friday, August 24, 2007

The Funny Thing About Goals

CJ’s goal: To “eat” his weight in formula every day.
WC’s goal: To con his way into eating his weight in junk every day.
Jay’s goal: To come home and not do anything.
My goal: To sleep; have peace and quiet.

Other goals that I have for myself include finishing the rough draft of my novel by years end; then to have a revised draft finished by next summer. It’s an ambitious goal for me when the pace in which I write isn’t exactly fast; I’ve been working on this rough draft on and off for about two years. I fear that after all this time that I won’t finish. I fear if I do finish it will never be published (a very likely fear in today’s publishing world). And I fear if I do get published I will not be able to follow it up. So, I fear failing and succeeding all at the same time. How neurotic is that? The funny thing about goals is they can sometimes be as much a hindrance as a help.

Goals that don’t make me sound like a lunatic include: raising my sons to be happy, healthy and well mannered. Living within my means and somehow save money.

Motherhood lesson # 76428930
A baby’s smile will melt away the cares of the day.

Happy Day to anyone who bothers to read this.

Join me next time when I discover my Dad knows a little too much about High School Musical.

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