Monday, August 27, 2007

Life aint always beautiful

Motherhood lesson 1:
Sometimes it just plain sucks.

This morning on my way to work Jay calls me & says WC is complaining that his tummy hurts and he can’t poop. So I drop off CJ and turn around and head back home; stop off at the store for a child’s enemas. I dared the cashier to tell me to ‘have a good day.’ Cause when you’re in the store at 7 am and the only thing you are purchasing is an enemas, it’s not going to be a good day.

So I get home; WC has found the catalog of a mail order company specializing in themes for children’s birthdays & his fourth birthday is less than two months away. He is enamored with the Cars movie themed items and doesn’t realize that I have returned home to deal with him. And when we bring him to the bathroom, he realizes that something is about to happen to him and he’s not going to like it. It takes both of us several minutes to wrestle him into appropriate positioning and he’s fighting us tooth and nail. And I have the pleasant task of administration.

As I finish I say, “He’s gotta stay in position.”
Jay picks him up; the liquid all falls out.
“He was supposed to stay in position for 2-5 minutes.”
Jay looks shocked, “I didn’t know.”

Now, I’d told him before we started & he’d “read” the box too. Oh, & there was the thing I said right after I’d finished, “He’s got to stay in position.”
“Oh, I thought you said that he wasn’t in position.”
“O.k. even if you thought I said he wasn’t in position why would I bring it up if it wasn’t important for him to be in it?” Not to mention that he didn’t pay a bit of attention to anything I said when I was talking to him about what the box said we were supposed to do!
OMG. I don’t think I’ve been more upset about anything in recent history.
Luckily, our activity apparently stimulated things and WC did have a BM.

I have declared to both of them that there will be changes in the dietary habits of our household. WC hasn’t eaten anything but macaroni and cheese for a couple weeks now and that’s coming to an end. Jay is 34 with high blood pressure and changes are a coming for him as well. They will be eating more fruits and vegetables because all junk food is hereby banished from this household & will only be occasional treats. This isn’t WC’s first bought with constipation but I have vowed that if it happens again it will not be from me not providing the proper diet. I admit that after having CJ, I haven’t been as vigilant with cooking proper food. And it has just been easier to microwave a bowl of easy mac then to listen to him protest that he doesn’t like anything on his plate, despite never having tried any of it. No more. I’ve dropped the ball on that part of my parenting recently and now it’s past time to correct it. Eventually he will eat something on his plate.
Now, I just have to find things that are quick, nutritious and taste good too. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, send me an email.

Join me next time when I discover CJ’s diaper has leaked for the fourth time in three hours.

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