Monday, August 20, 2007

Missing my baby

So, I'm sitting here at work; the phone's are dead & there's nothing to do. Well, except surf the internet. Which I may have been doing a little bit before the phone's left for the day. But anyway. I'm sitting here staring at the pics taken of my baby yesterday. I took him for his three month pictures. I take tons of pictures myself but dont have access to the extensive backgrounds. But, I digress. I'm staring at my baby's photo & missing him terribly. I haven't been back to work three weeks yet and I'm dying. I didnt want to come back but we ran out of money & the two children need food & shelter. Atleast I get to leave him w/ my mom. That's one consolation on the whole deal.

Saturday afternoon I left the baby with my sister, so we could take the three year old swimming. It's 102 outside, the baby couldnt go. She's not very experienced w/ such a young baby and I dont think she'll agree to babysit again, for a little while. When we arrived back home that evening she looked a little worse for wear and said all he did was "puke and poot." It seems he had some issues w/ gas. Oh well it's good birth control for her. He's not a difficult baby, she just doesnt know how to tend to him.

The problem with nothing to do at work is that I'm now hungry. I've snacked way too much today. YAY, they're sending us home...

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