Thursday, August 30, 2007

Objects in the mirror

"If you can't see my mirrors then I can't see you." Warns the sign on the back of an 18 wheel truck. I've seen these before and have wondered how far behind a truck do you have to be? During my commute this morning I was behind such a truck & decided to test this out.
I kept dropping further and further back from my test truck & i was about five car lengths behind (normal size cars, not the big ass ford monstrosities) and I still couldn't see the mirrors on either side. And other commuters are mad at me at this point. It wasn't until on a curve on the interstate that I could see the mirror on the driver's side. The results of my test show that if you are directly behind a truck you cant see the mirrors; you have to ride the line on either side of you in order to be in view of said mirrors. Do they know this when posting the signs on the truck? Do they expect anyone to attempt to drop back far enough? Perhaps 10 car lengths might be enough but I'm not willing to be shot in morning traffic to find out.
Now I don't think 18 wheel trucks should be allowed on the interstate in major metropolitan areas during rush hour. I know that they have to make a living by making their deliveries. However, the trek down the interstate at rush hour takes me 45 min- 1 hour. When it isn't rush hour the exact same distance takes me 25-30 min. It would make sense they could make it much faster time if they weren't in rush hour. It isn't the truckers fault that they can only go 25 mph up a hill when they are loaded down; they have to ride the brakes all the way down the other side of the hill to keep from ploughing over the Yugo in from of them. So, perhaps it would be easier on the trucker. I know it'll never happen, but one can dream.

WC's Project Eating Healthier: Tues night; cooked fish, potato & green beans. Verdict: He ate nothing; just stared at his plate.
Wed night: Jay worked late; I didn't cook. He ate a hot dog; a half of an apple slice (after the skin stuck on his gum the willingness to eat it was over). But he tried it, which was a step in the right direction.
Tonight will try cooking again & see.

Motherhood lesson #236741: You can not force a child to eat.(nor his father).

Join me next time when I find WC wearing CJ's 6 month size bloomers.

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