Friday, August 21, 2009

And we're off and running

Here we go. Today is the first full day of Kindergarten plus after care. We arrive at the school this morning at 6:44 (doors open at 6:45) and were the seventh car in line. My goal was to drop WC at the door and have him walk in by himself. Next week the parents aren't allowed to escort the kids in per school policy. And besides the gym, where the kids go when they're dropped off this early, is right inside the doors. I'm not concerned he cant find his way. However, while waiting in line he begins to whine & moan that he doesn't want to walk in by himself. When the people in front of me unload their children and leave, I pull forward and put the car in park and get out with him. I've taken him by the hand and we're walking to the building and I'm in the process of telling him that he's going to the gym when he lets go of my hand and says, "I know where the gym is." In a snotty tone. And then proceeds to power walk away from me. It seems he noticed the other kids going in- all of them sans parent. So I just yell after him. "Okay, have a good day. See you this afternoon- Love you." (little twerp) Through the window I see his skinny legs shuffling quickly in the direction of the gym. Oddly enough I'm not offended by this move. In away I would worry more if he had clung to me. I understand the power of perception of your peers. He doesn't want to stand out as "a new kid" Or have the others think him a "baby" He wants to blend & fit in. Sadly to say if your kid is confident enough to leave you behind then you're doing your job right.
I'm happy to report that I made it to work on time- before 7:30. I dint think there was any way traffic would be that thin- it was rush hour. But maybe I hit it at an in between time. I'm not counting every morning to be that easy. We'll see how next week goes.
Cat was to drop CJ off at my moms on the way to work. She works part time on the weekends at a new age bookstore. Said she'd be back Sunday night to help out next week. I'm not sure I'll need it. 90-95% of the time she's either injured, ill or going through personal relationship drama. So I don't know. She arrived last Sunday & by Tues she had a sore throat and last night her shoulder hurt so bad she walked around looking like Quasimodo. For the most part she just lay on the couch. She kept wincing and whining and bouncing her leg until I told her if she hurt that bad then she needed to see a doctor. She claims she took 8 ibuprofen and they did nothing. I worked on massaging the shoulder for 20 minutes and she said it "dulled the stabbing pain enough to be tolerable." What a drama queen. She isn't suited for being a care giver- it takes too much of the focus off of her. I'm not really sure if the arrangement will work out or not. Maybe we'll try it another week and see what other incurable, horrible condition she comes down with
Mom did call me a little after nine and CJ was safely at her house. Cat's car wouldn't start and she said it stalled backing out of my driveway- but they made it. I shudder. It wasn't easy for me to let her drive my baby...

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Michele said...

Yay about W's first full day! And his independence! Wow! Ah... Cat... Hopefully something will grab that girl by the tail and get her squared away. I can imagine it killed you to have her drive C. I know it would have me too...

But you got to work on time! That is good news!!!