Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I purposely havent written in a while because I usually have to email my posts and I didnt want my prayer request for Michele to get buried. It needed to be on top. Today I happen to be at home and have placed my prayer request over on the right side.
Today WC goes for his Kindergarten placement test- we need to leave in about 45 min. We went school shopping Saturday. This was the tax free weekend for the state of TN. Sales tax isnt charged on things likes clothes (articles under $100), supplies needed for school and computers under a certain $ (not printers though). We racked up. I went to a local clothing retailer- every item purchased was on sale, I had a 20% off coupon & no sales tax. It was a blessing and an amazing budget saver. None of his pants from last year fit in length- waist wise he was fine but boys dont wear Capri's. Luckily I found several pants w/ adjustable waist. YAY! Best things ever.
Then to Target for school supplies. Found everything- except 16 count crayons. That's right the list from the school had 4 boxes of 16 count crayons. Why 4 boxes? Why 16 count? I dont know but they weren't there. 4 stores later- I find one box of 16- at the grocery store.
He picked out his back pack-favorite color green & lunch box-Transformers (of course). Now when I went to school the lunch box was metal (later plastic) & it came w/ a thermos on the inside. Education for mommy- they no longer come w/ the thermos. Those are separate & cost an arm & a leg for the character one your kid wants. WC walked around the store wearing his back pack & carrying the lunch box. He received quite the attention & told numerous people he was going to Kindergarten- but not today.
I can't believe it's already here. Kindergarten. It seemed such a long way away when we purchased our house 5 years ago- down the street from a good school. At the time it seemed like it would be forever before our little guy would go there. I think we were considered by some to be quite nuts for already considering his school- at 9 months old. But it has really been a blip.
I've been okay about it. Thought I was ready. But the closer it gets- next Monday- the harder its going to be (on me) he'll be fine.

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Michele said...

I cant believe he's going to Kindergarten... God, I feel old...

With TN's tax like it is, I can imagine a tax free weekend (plus coupons) would be VERY helpful.

4 boxes? Is his class supplying crayons to every grade??? My mom, smart aleck that she is, would have bought the 64 pack and called it even. (And I would have been mortified that I want like "everyone else!")