Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day

I just dropped WC off for his first day of Kindergarten. I'm officially the mom of a school kid. Not sure how I feel about it, honestly. A mix of emotions from excited for him and this new stage to terrified for him to disbelief that I'm old enough to have kid in school.
We didnt even find out until Friday night that his first day would be today. Our school system does a "phase-in" week for Kindergarten. They have one half of the class on Monday & the second half on Tuesday for a half a day. I pick him up at eleven. Then he wont go back until Wed. On Wed is one half class for a full day- ending at 2:30. Then Thurs the other half of class for the day. Then Friday is full steam ahead for the rest of the year. When I left work on Friday I told my boss that I'd either be there Monday or I'd call. I called in this morning.
Last night I packed his book bag with the supplies from the list given me at registration and the other forms that she gave us Friday to fill out.
His teacher seems nice enough. I just wish she didnt speak to me the same way she talks to the kids. As long as WC likes her, that's what matters. Jay decided to go to work late today in order to take WC to school. So we both went with him. We left him sitting at the table coloring. He told me that he missed his friends. I assured him that everyone in the room was in the same situation he is in. Every one is new. None of his friends are at the preschool today. They're all in their new schools too. He told Jay that, "this is cool, man." It seems he has mixed feelings about the kindergarten adventure too.
Now I'm off to register CJ for daycare/preschool.

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Michele said...

Damn, I feel old...

Sending positive auntie vibes that both kids enjoy their new school situations (and that their mommy isnt too heartbroken...) :) Hugs, dear one!