Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day-The Verdict

After my blog post yesterday, Cat & I took CJ over to the daycare to get him setup to start next week. Unfortunately he came down with cold or allergies over the weekend. I spent Sunday giving him the nebulizer and by Monday the chest congestion was gone but his nose is still a fountain. He seems to respond well to Dimetapp and doesnt appear to feel badly. I introduced Cat to the daycare Director- since she may have to pick him up I wanted them to meet. After the paperwork was squared away then we took his things to his classroom. I placed his clothes, etc in the cubby and he clung to my leg. An Elmo doll was spotted across the room. He grabbed my led me over there so he could claim it. The teacher, Ms. Jen came over to talk to him. I've known her for years and she was WC's first daycare teacher. He sat at my feet w/ his blanket and newly claimed Elmo and stared at her like she was out of her mind. Until she announced it was time to color. She asked CJ if he would like to come over to table and color. Now that perked up his interest and he, blanket and Elmo high-tailed it over to the table to get in on the action. It was markers- glorious markers. He never gets markers at home. He colored his neck, the back of his hair, his blanket, Ms. Jen's leg and his paper. Every now and then he'd peek back & make sure I didnt pull a fast one on him and leave. After coloring, we thanked Ms. Jen for letting us come in and visit. I'm so glad Jay's the one tasked with CJ's drop off when the day arrives on Monday.
Yesterday I arrived fifteen minutes before Kindergarten was to let out. Initially worried that we'd be there way too early- then I rounded the corner and became about the thirtieth car in line. Seriously people? As previously instructed I placed the tag w/ my child's name emblazoned in giant bold marker on my dashboard. Luckily- my sister Cat had decided to tag along and CJ sat quietly in his seat, mentally off in another world somewhere. She & I chatted idly with the car windows down with  a lovely uncharacteristically cool breeze for August. Then out came a woman walking down the center between the two rows of cars and she was reading names from the dashboards into a walkie talkie. Once the line got moving it didnt take five minutes to get my kid. He threw his bag into the car and climbed in. "How'd it go?" I asked. "Great," he replied in all smiles. I asked how he liked his teacher. "She was nice to me, so I like her." Then he talked about 900 mph for the next hour and a half. From what I could gather the new playground was "awesome" (he pretended to be Spiderman) and they had a scavenger type hunt for a gingerbread man reading clues that he left on post-it notes. I was able to discern it was one of those get to know your surroundings type exercises. I have to hand it to her in the creativity department. Better than a finger pointing tour- "bathroom over there" with a hand motion. They never could catch that darn gingerbread man but he did leave them cookies. WC is convinced the gingerbread man was, in fact, real.

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Michele said...

wait? the gingerbread man isnt real??? ;)

I'm so glad to hear that both outings were successes! Hope CJ feels better soon, darn allergies! Hopefully when J drops him off, he will remember Elmo and the coloring and things wont be too rough.