Monday, August 24, 2009

It All Started With the Frog

Friday afternoon- it was one of those afternoons. It started innocently enough with nothing out of the ordinary. CJ was fastened into his car seat carrying about 5 toys and his blanket. As usual he wants it all directly in his lap covering everything I need to see in order to get him buckled in properly. His favorite items in the whole world consist of rubber ducks, toy frogs, a stuffed Cookie Monster (gift from Aunt Michele & Uncle Peter) and the blue fluffy blanket- disgustingly dirty most of the time. Juggling all this I manage to get him securely strapped in and off we go. About three seconds after merging onto the interstate he drops a frog in between his seat & the door. His seat is located on the passengers side of the backseat- I can barely reach him, let alone that door. He screams for his frog and I have to tell him there is no way for me to get it right then. Well, you know what hit the fan. He proceeded to kick and scream the entire twenty mile journey in rush hour traffic to WC's school. I arrive at the school and retrieve the frog and give it to him. But no dice, he is so pissed off from frog deprivation that he continues his fit as I carry him into the gym. The fit continues as I write the check for next weeks after care. An employee attempts to console the raging toddler to no avail. While writing the check I explain the issue and offer to give him to the woman. She politely declines stating she has two grandchildren at home. WC sees us comes in and finally makes his way across the gym after retrieving his back pack. I carry CJ- who has begun to cough uncontrollably and I'm convinced he's about to vomit on himself. Back into the car we go w/ WC now in tow. Luckily, we're just a couple min from home at this point. At home I take CJ directly to their room and deposit him on WC's bed and close the door. I can't be around him at that moment. I go lay down on the couch. WC wanders in the house and asks what I did with CJ. I explain that CJ is in alone time in their room & I'm having alone time on the couch. CJ finagles the door knob until he is free and I can hear him sniffling and snotting all the way down the hall coming towards me. He climbs up on the couch and onto me. We just sit there.
WC enters the room with a jack in the box that came home from a weekend at my mom's with. He proceeded to get CJ interested in that. Then took CJ back to my room and put an Elmo video on for him and left me alone on the couch. I guess Toddler crack is good for something.
I had two thoughts that ran through my head at that moment. One was to start on the four beers in the fridge and the other was to try out one of the new work out dvd's that I'd recently purchased. Surprisingly enough the workout dvd won. It shocked me too. It was broken into "circuits" and you and choose to play the entire workout or pick & choose which "circuits" you do. I decided to choose a few of the 6 min circuits just to get my feet wet. I'm out of shape- seriously.
Later that night after CJ was tucked in bed I decided to go out for margarita supplies. I have to go to the next town over for a liquor store- about 7 miles. I believe I've blogged before on how driving at night relaxes me- so really it was more of an excuse to get to go out on a back two lane road with the windows down. The temp was in the 60's- no humidity. Beyond awesome for August in the south. I took a little detour and drove further out- to the battlefield. No one around. Quiet. Tranquil. I was decompressed enough that I really didnt feel the need for a margarita but since I was out and told Jay I was getting it. I went back to the liquor store- picked up a bottle of wine while too I was there. I think it was December the last time I've been  to a liquor store.
The next afternoon- I felt that ab workout from the video on Friday night. OMG.

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Michele said...

Yay! Our cookie monster is a favorite toy!!! :)

I got all nostalgic reading about your night drive. Remember how we used to grab a bottle of wine and go to the airport and just lay on the grass on those cool summer nights? How awesome was that...