Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Year Older and Dead Phone

Yesterday I turned 33. It's taken some getting used to. I don't really feel any different. I'm in better shape than when I was 23. While I was pregnant with WC, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The Maternal Fetal Specialist I had to see told me that the diabetes should go away after birth. However, we know that my pancreas will quit working at a certain point. I would be a greater risk for developing Type II diabetes, if I didn't keep my weight in a healthy range. That and the knowledge that my maternal grandmother & her mother both passed away from the heart attacks/strokes that went along with heart disease. My grandmother spent the last ten or so years of her life laying a nursing home bed, eating from a tube- paralyzed on one side, having strangers change and wash her. Her mind completely fine. Trapped in her own body. It would be hell. Before I was pregnant I'd spent the early years of my marriage slowly putting on weight and becoming sedentary. After a trip to a nutritionist and being taught the guidelines for the diabetic diet I went home and followed it to a T. The only time I "cheated" was at my baby shower. Two weeks after WC was born I weighed 10 lbs less than I did the day he was conceived. After that I modified the diet some but basically still followed the pattern. I also added in exercise here and there. I didn't really start full on exercising until he was over a year old. It wasn't practical. I ended up losing 35 lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight with good old fashion eating healthy & exercise. And kept it off through CJ. I was 9 months pregnant w/ CJ before I hit my pre-WC weight. Fast Forward Life and I had put some of it back on. Early in November I stepped on the scale & screamed. It happens slowly and while I hadn't gained it all back. I was on that downhill slope getting ready to tumble.
I've rededicated myself to making healthier food choices & getting back to exercise. I'm down 3 lbs- even with eating whatever I wanted on Thanksgiving. I'm getting out of bed before everyone is awake most mornings and trudging myself across the hall to the treadmill. I've started leaving my work-out clothes on the floor next to the bed. I can get a half an hour in before getting myself ready for work. It isn't easy. But it's necessary. I'm beginning to feel good afterwards, instead of beat, so that's a plus.
Last night my family took me out to eat for my birthday. And anyone looking to eat healthy knows a restaurant isn't good for that. No one asked me if I actually wanted to go out...but I couldn't be a party pooper of my own party, now could I?
I think I did fairly well -food choice wise. A grilled chicken sandwich with salad greens and it did have some sort of sauce on it- but it wasnt dripping off.
And on an unpleasant note- my phone died yesterday. May it R.I.P. The screen just quit working and I couldn't call out. I had a conniption. I can't live without it. It's my only means of communication. CJ & I went over to the Verizon Store before my birthday dinner (it is so cold outside right now, a cold front came through & I hate cold weather). Long story short, I lost all my contacts, calendar, photos...But they did give me a "new" (read: refurbished) phone for free. They didn't have another one just like mine, so they replaced it with another one. The only other one w/ a full qwerty keyboard that they deemed comparable to mine. When it was new, it was definitely a more expensive model than mine, because I looked at this one before choosing mine because it was their cheapest one w/ the full qwerty keyboard. On the downside, I have to start all over again...

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Michele said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Perhaps your phone died so that you could get a new one as a birthday gift!