Thursday, December 31, 2009


For those of you who have made New Years Resolutions for weight loss or being healthier (or perhaps eating healthy just interests you) I ran across this great website called It's loaded with tons of articles and recipes. I have yet to try any of them but I have a whole stack of things that I intend to test on the family (much to Jay's dismay) in January. I've found lots of recipes that state the cooking time is 20-30 min which is doable in my life. Ingredients called for are fresh & whole. Different dietary needs are represented: heart healthy, weight loss, diabetic, vegetarian...
Some of the comments criticized the amount of sugar in some of the deserts. My thought is to reduce it to your taste.
However, I had to laugh at their Healthy Kids Lunch recipes. These are supposed to be things that we can pack in our kids lunch box: buffalo chicken wrap (ingredients, hot sauce, cayenne pepper). I dont know about your kids but WC would not appreciate this. Mini mushroom & sausage quiche- I think that would be thrown away. A peanut tofu wrap that used store bought Thai peanut sauce (again prob a bit spicy for the palate of a 6yr old). Also, most schools dont allow peanut foods w/ the prevalence and danger of peanut allergy. My own CJ can't eat processed peanut butter. Most of that section doesn't appear practical. There is one pizza wrap that I think would be a hit.
I'm excited to give this a whirl and see what happens.
Wishing everyone a safe New Year's Eve and a happy, healthy 2010.

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