Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Like That...

Another Christmas has gone. My absolute favorite moment of the season occurred on Christmas Day. The presents had been opened and the kids played with their new toys. Jay put on the dvd UP, which had been a stocking stuffer for WC. We sat on the couch and both my little boys climbed up-one on each side of me. We snuggled under the blankets. I had an arm around each of them and leaned onto me. For the longest I didn't even pay attention to the movie but just watched their little faces watching the movie. I sat there feeling them curled into my arms. Nothing was better than that moment. The days of mad preparation so I wouldn't have much that I had to do for the Christmas dinner with my parents- so worth it. Just to sit and watch kids movie with my boys.
I'm ready to take the tree down- but I'm out voted by the man & boys. Funny, they aren't the ones who will end up taking the stuff down...Imagine that.
Over Christmas I didn't just fall off my healthy eating wagon- I lept off and fell down a mountain. From the wine to the cookies (my boys made them how could I not?) and gooey deserts. I stuffed myself silly. And managed to put back on the weight I lost in November. Oh well, I had a good time. Now it's back to the treadmill & workout dvd's and making healthier eating choices. Except for New Year's Eve- I'm having my "champagne." 
Two more days and wrap up the year, another decade in history books. Part of me mourns the time that has passed but then there's a whole new year coming. One in which we can start over and make this next year the one we want. I don't make resolutions; historically I've been pessimistic about them. This time, I'm going to make some goals for myself for 2010. I'm putting them out there, perhaps to fail publicly. Or maybe succeed:
My obvious goal is become healthier. It isn't about the number on scale or the size of the clothes anymore. It's about being fit and healthy.
Another goal (I'm putting it out there- here goes nothing): Finish the rough draft of my novel. I'm on chapter 65 and 86,000 words in. This goal is two parts. To finish the rough draft by the end of Feb (gulp) and to finish my revisions and begin shopping it by the end of 2010.
On the motherhood front: My goal is not to yell as much. I'm finding myself yelling at them more and more. I don't like it. I will find another way.
There they are...out there... for anyone to see. Bring on 2010...

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Michele said...

YAY for the novel!!! I need more reading fodder for when the kids are napping! ;)

And I jumped off that cliff with you.

Our tree is up until Epiphany/3 Kings Day, then it is back in the box until the day after Thanksgiving. I love this season... I'll miss my tree (one year, we kept it up through Valentine's Day!)