Friday, December 4, 2009

Missing Help and Time

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my sister went to spend the day with her new boyfriend. That afternoon she sent me a text that she had a fever and didn't feel well. I told her to stay put and I could pick up the kids.Then she didn't come home. She was sick through Thanksgiving weekend and when I spoke to our mom Monday morning, found out that she was still sick. I was surprised to receive a text that afternoon from her saying he would pick up WC. I asked if she was still sick and she confirmed that she still had a fever. I politely thanked her for her dedication but I really didn't need sick children. Right now any real illness would put me up "an excrement filled creek in a Native American vessel w/o means of propulsion." (to quote Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) with regards to my time left off work.
She went to the doctor on Tuesday and has an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection and if that wasn't enough- all the coughing as given her bruised ribs and a cracked sternum. The doctor told her it was best that she stay away from my house. WC is asthmatic, we don't the introduction of a respiratory infection.
Over the weekend I realized that the registration for my car expires Nov 30. Which meant I had to be late to work to get that taken care of. Here we have to go through emissions testing first then over to the county clerk office to hack off a leg and throw it up on the counter in order to get a "10" sticker for the license plate. So late on Monday.
On Tuesdays CJ goes to my moms house (he's in preschool/daycare 3 days a week) and I take him to moms. Aunt Cat usually takes WC to school because drop off is about 15 min later than I need to hit the interstate or suffer severe rush hour traffic syndrome. But w/o her home on Tuesday morning, I had to drop off both children and came into work on two tires 15 min late. Wednesday, Jay took CJ to preschool & I dropped WC off as early as possible. But it was raining! So again, 15 min late.
Thursday morning, mom drove out to pick up CJ and I dropped off WC & hit the parking lot again on two wheels and ran to my desk. Clocked in 7:30 on the dot.
I hate my commute. I wouldn't have to be so dependent on my sister to make life work if I didn't have to drive 45 min (on a good day) to work.
Today, in order to get in a 2nd karate class for the week, I have leave out early & hope I can make up my time next week. I miss her. I need her back.
I have no idea where this week has gone...It's December.
Tomorrow, we're putting up the tree. I love Christmas but I am sad that it's already here and in less than a month 2009 is gone. My children are going to get another year older, grow taller and larger. WC will lose more baby teeth and those will be replaced by Adult teeth and he will learn to read.  CJ speaks in sentences and no longer resembles a baby in appearance. He's grown into a little boy.  Spring will find him a 3 year old. I've been with them every day in 2009. I've held them, kissed them, loved them, disciplined them.  Yet I've still missed it Somehow, someway time has played a trick on me and shot into hyper drive. Back when WC was born, I didn't get it when older people told me to enjoy it because it goes fast. My thought was that I hadn't slept in 6 weeks. What the hell do you mean it goes by fast? It was like living in the Twilight Zone when I first brought my new baby home. Those hard months are such a drop in the bucket compared to the rest. Now, I know the bucket fills up much quicker than anticipated. I can't stop time from stealing my babies and turning them into children then teens then adults. But I can cherish every moment that I'm given- the good, bad and mundane.

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Michele said...

Every second is so special...

I am sorry she is so sick. She will be back, hopefully, before you know it!