Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa for the Digital Age

This past weekend WC became angry at CJ and lashed out by pinching his brothers cheeks. I'm not sure what was going on when it happened. CJ ran up to me crying, red marks on both cheeks and saying 'WC' and 'cheeks.' Didn't take much to figure out something happened.
After the incident, WC, began to sob- uncontrollably at times.  Finally, we managed to get out of him that he was terrified that he'd gotten himself on Santa's infamous naughty list. And while I could have used this nugget to coerce extremely cooperative behavior out of him the next few days, we couldn't stand to see him that upset. Jay devised a plan in which he would text the North Pole and ask what list WC was on. How do you know the number, WC wanted to know. Jay explained he would type in North Pole & see what happened. Instead, he typed in my number. I was up and about putting away laundry, so WC never noticed that I slid my phone into my pocket. I shut off the ringer and retreated to the bedroom when the text came in. I replied, 'oh he's on the nice list. tell him to keep up the good work in school & karate,'
When the alert on Jay's phone went off, WC was giddy with anticipation. He was absolutely amazed at the message. Then there was a discussion as to whether it was really Santa or one of the elves. Surely, Santa was way too busy this time of year to respond to his own text messages. Then a reply text questioning if I were the big guy or an elf.
I said I was Roy and that Santa was busy working on the sleigh getting ready for the big night.  WC was delighted that he was right...It was an elf.
Then WC questioned which list CJ was on. And here we go again.
This time I explained that toddlers were on a different list. (I mean, after all how can someone who throws twelve temper tantrums a day be on Santa's nice list...right?) And by toddler standards CJ was on the nice list. That seemed to set well with WC and Jay declared they needed to leave Roy alone since he was probably getting tons of texts from all over the world.
And there we have it...even Santa has gone digital.  

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Michele said...

this was awesome. you guys are wicked smart!