Friday, December 18, 2009

Where, where, where did I leave my...

It was bound to happen at some point. Three days a week CJ is at daycare and two days a week he stays with my mom. Two days a week WC goes to karate class. Most days, Cat, retrieves WC from school and shuttles him around to his activity and making sure he's fed and homework started. I pick up CJ and we all converge at home. Jay doesn't get home until seven, so the kids eat first then we make a dinner for the three of us. Cat has picked up a part-time job at a novelty gift shop because her job hunt for dental assisting has dried up like a bit of hot dog forgotten under the couch. And believe it or not tending to my kids provides her with food and shelter but not actual cash (except the occasional help towards her gasoline). Her work days are Thurs-Sunday.
On Tuesday afternoon, she called me at work and said she'd been called in to cover the shift of someone who'd called out I told her it was fine, I could pick up both kids. My brain devised my route, I'd run by the daycare first then over to the problem.
I was sitting at a red light, half way to the daycare when the realization slapped me. I'd left CJ at my mom's house that morning. And I was going in the complete opposite direction- she lives back near where I work. So then I had to call my mom and ask if she'd bring him home- otherwise I'd have to pick up WC then drive back into town for CJ.
"You forgot your child?" she exclaimed.
"No, I didn't forget him. I knew I had to pick him up. I just forgot from where." There is a difference.
Boy, I could use a day off.