Monday, January 4, 2010

Early Failure and Moving Forward

Yep, on my date Saturday night, I blew my caloric intake for the day square out of the water. The prime rib, baked sweet potato (w/ butter & Cinnamon sugar) and a fantastic pear margarita rocketed me over my 1300 calorie a day goal. I did some research afterward & discovered the chicken dish that was my initial choice would have been the better option. Two lessons from this It is not only the "fast food" that is high in calories. fat & sodium, it's sit down restaurants as well. In my subsequent research you really can't eat out and sustain a lower calorie diet. There are options that aren't as bad but none of it good for you. And two, next time I'll be better prepared to make smarter choice. Yes, I knew the prime rib was higher in calories and I didn't eat all of it (I couldn't). However, I never anticipated the number that I found on the restraints website. If I could go back, I would have gotten the chicken. My calorie intake probably would have still been over, just not as much, because I was getting that pear margarita. The worst part was that after I had finished, I felt really ill. I'd stuffed myself and wanted to throw up. Jay ordered desert without even asking me. I couldn't take a bite of it. I could have killed him. I didn't want it and knew he shouldn't be eating it either. In my later research that desert was over 900 calories alone- he only ate half and brought home the rest for me (which I have no intention of eating, I can't see spending 450+ calories of my 1300 on that). He has a greater need, health wise to lose weight than I do. He says he wants to lose weight & made a goal of 5 pounds in January- yet he has made no effort to change his eating or begin to exercise. Not sure how he thinks it's going to happen. Osmosis, maybe? But I digress, I could write whole entries on this subject.
However, one night of  not the best eating isn't the worst thing in the world. Sunday morning, I woke up and had my whole wheat English muffin and decided that I would eat well for that day. This morning, I did the same thing. I got up and back on the treadmill and for today, I will eat the best that I can.
On a side note, I am sore all over from that workout video on Saturday. Oh, I abs, my arms, my thighs. I sneezed and inadvertently yelped. Wow, maybe I shouldn't have pushed through it quite as hard...
So last night I tried dish #2 of the new healthier recipes-gnocchi w/ zucchini & brown butter.
Jay turned up his nose initially reading the recipe but with the smell of it through the house he then commented on how good it smelled. And he ate it! And it contained no meat at all! The man ate a dinner w/o meat and liked it. I'd never thought I'd see the day. I thought Hell would have to freeze over... Come to think of it, it is 14 degrees & snowing outside right now....Hmmmm could I have caused a disturbance? This southern girl isn't fond of the whole 14 degree thing.
Tomorrow, WC goes back to school from winter break (why a tues?). I'm glad to get everyone back to normal, I just hope he hasn't forgotten how to act in class. We had a rocky start in the fall. I'm hoping we didn't get him straightened out only to start all over again.
Here's to another day.

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Michele said...

Tomorrow is another day (but man did that sound good! I'm starving!)