Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Motherhood Lesson # 26,105,122

How telling your child not to use your master bathroom will backfire:
The decree came about because the cat box is in our bathroom and the old cat doesn't always make it in the box. And she throws litter like an MLB pitcher since the lid had to come off the box. So I told WC not to use our bathroom when they were "watching" TV (aka playing where they think they are not being supervised) in our room. CJ is his shadow and occasionally has to be pulled by his ankles out of WC's posterior. When WC would use our toilet it would leave CJ roaming around on the not-so-clean floor. It was better all around if he went to "his" hall bathroom.
The past week CJ's had a touch of cold. If he ran around too much he would get hot and start coughing. Occasionally he'd cough up phlegm. Luckily for me, whenever he starts this, he runs and sticks his head over the toilet.
Friday night they were playing and I heard CJ begin to cough, the light in the bathroom switch on & the toilet lid open. I knew he was in there. Most of the time when he does this, he doesn't really cough up anything but I listen, just in case. I'm listening to CJ cough, then I hear something else...the sound of a stream of liquid hitting water... then WC's voice,
     "Oops...sorry CJ."
Alarmed I went to investigate. As I feared, I discovered WC attempting to urinate in the same toilet his brother was hanging his head into. And the back of CJ's head was wet.
     "Did you just pee on him," I ask (sound of horror in my voice).
     "It was just an accident."
     "Why were you peeing in the same toilet he was coughing in?"
     "You told me not to use your bathroom."
What a time for that kid to pick to listen to something I told him. I never imagined this scenario.

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Michele said...

Oh Goodness. I am laughing so I hard that I cant breathe! I cant wait to see what happens here!