Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since the temperature here has plummeted to below freezing, CJ has developed a penchant for nudity. While I don't find the recent climate advantageous for this activity, it doesn't seem to phase him.  It started slowly a few weeks back when he discovered he could remove his own shirt. And WC, of course, thought it looked like a good idea too. At random times, I'd find them running around the house, shirtless. Monday night we arrived home and they watched some Sesame Street on TV then ran off back to the bedrooms. I noticed the light on in their room so I didn't go check on what they were doing. When I called them for dinner, they both arrived at the table, shirtless. With CJ this simply means I'll be cleaning dinner off his bare chest & not using stain remover on a shirt. But then again, it was 20 degrees outside & I was still cold inside. They had their dinner, Jay came home and he & I sat down to our dinner. yes, I would prefer a family dinner, but with Jay getting home from work at 7pm or later. It is not practical to make the boys wait that late. There we are eating dinner when WC comes in holding CJ's diaper cupped in his hands. "He pulled off his diaper & it has poop in it," WC announces. Jay & I look at each other & sigh, loudly. As if the carpet hasn't taken enough abuse. I ask WC if it got on the floor anywhere. He told me, it didn't. He'd grabbed the diaper as CJ was pulling it off. I dispose of it. Then chase CJ down, because we all know what he's running around with on his bare bottom. He's screaming because he thinks I'm going to force him back into the confines of plastic & cotton. But I just wanted to clean him off and finish my dinner before I worried about wrangling him into pj's. I tell him very strongly, not to pee on the carpet. As if it would do any good. I go back to dinner and Jay says to me, "Ya know he needs..."  I interrupt him, "to be potty trained." I know...I know...I know. Over the weekend I tried to change his diaper at a changing station in a women's bathroom & the poor kid hung off the end at his knees. I am aware that he'll be three in May. WC was a little over three when I potty trained him. I figure when the weather gets a warmer in the spring I'll start really working with him. Right now he does go sit on the toilet, occasionally. On this night, we heard WC take him into the bathroom and shut the door. CJ was running around holding himself & WC thought he might have to pee. But he didn't he was probably just holding himself because he could. Maybe WC will potty train him for me, think?
Last night I walked past the bathroom & they were in there. WC feet on the step stool, hands on the side of the tub (think plank position), naked from the waist down. CJ standing on the same step stool, naked from the waist up. WC was telling him to get on the potty. CJ was trying to step up on the toilet rim of the open (used) toilet. Why?
These two are going to turn my hair gray.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

happy new year n nice to meet u ;->

Michele said...

I am laughing so hard it hurts...

Wow, WC doing the potty training. If that works, will you send him my way for Bobby and Maya?