Friday, January 8, 2010

Southern Blizzard

It's 14 outside right now. Only supposed to get to 21 today. 25
degrees below normal. Ice covers the road outside. I'm sitting curled
up on the couch drinking coffee. My lap is being stalked by Rhi.
Several days ago weather forcasters began to say we would get up to 7
inches of snow. I had to laugh. What happens here is that we don't get
that nice powdery snow that piles up in yards and looks quaint. We get
ice. If it doesn't fall as sleet then what little snow that does come
down melts on the road, then temps dip well below freezing after dark
and produces skating rinks where roads once stood.
Wednesday night they closed the schools before a single flake had
fallen. Thursday morning arrived & still nada. Friends of mine were
dissapointed. Not me. I wasn't ready to use a vacation day that I just
accumulated Jan 1. Luckily Thursday I could leave the boys with my
sister. The snow finally started falling around ten that morning. We
had a decent falling of tiny flakes. I received a pic message from Cat
w/ pics of WC playing out in the "snow". Including one of the most
pathetic little snow angels I've ever seen.
Cat chose to brave the icy roads & leave back to her boyfriends house late last night. Since she is now referring to his house as "home" I
guess she moved in w/ him without telling me. I hate to tell her that
just like the last one his place is not her home. When he's tired of
her she'll be back here full time. I hate that she's falling into this
pattern again. She's setting herself up to bounce from my house to the
place of whatever dude she's doing the mattress mambo with at the time
& never getting anything for herself. But I can't tell her any
The boys are already fighting. This is going to be a long day.

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