Monday, January 25, 2010

When your kids drive you crazy...return the favor

Phinneas & Ferb just happens to be WC favorite cartoon right now. And his favorite character is their pet platypus named Perry. Now Perry is no ordinary cross-eyed house pet- that is simply his cover. In reality he's a secret agent and battles the evil Dr. Doofensmirtz. While Phinneas & Ferb are busy building roller coasters, clubhouse robots & time travelling, Agent P routinely saves the day from Dr. D's latest scheme.
On Christmas morning, WC found a stuffed Perry the Platypus in his stocking; it's quickly become a treasured toy. A few weeks ago, Cat decided to have a little fun with the boy. So after he goes to school she would move the stuffed Perry from wherever he had left it. Sometimes, WC would come home to find Perry in his bed napping under the covers or the lounging in the living room recliner. He would wonder aloud how Perry was doing this. For a couple weeks this only happened two or three days out of the week. Friday, I decided to play along & have a little fun with the boy myself. He left Perry on the kitchen table when we went to the car. I excused myself back into the house because I'd "forgotten" my keys. I quickly curled Perry up on the sofa and returned to the car. That evening he walked around muttering to himself after discovering Perry wasn't where he left him. I told him that he'd probably just forgotten where he left him. No, he was adamant that Perry had been on the table.
He totally rejected the notion of a 'Toy Story' type scenario. "That isn't real" he told me. His theory though- leaves me scratching my head. He came up with Santa's elves are breaking into our house during the day & moving Perry around! And yet, Toy Story isn't plausible?
Over the weekend, Jay & I had a little fun when we'd snatch a forgotten Perry and place him somewhere else. Last night, after brushing his teeth, WC found Perry waiting at his bedroom door. "How did he get there?"
Tonight, he will find Perry hanging from the top bunk...

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Michele said...

This is too cute!!! Love it!